How to create a resume to a job: General

Often representatives of personnel services complain about the fact that many people do not know how to create a resume for a job.Increasingly, good people lose their future positions because of his improper preparation.There are several highlights to create a resume.Firstly, the employer's interest is detected during the first reading.Secondly, you need to be selective in the information that you want to convey, that is, your resume should correspond to the vacant post.You must specify exactly those aspects of your experience that are required for this position.Third, the purpose of its preparation is the appointment of a personal meeting, which subsequently can not be the guarantor of obtaining the desired operation.But if you called back and assigned a job interview, it means that you are interested in.

How to write a good resume?

As a rule, it should consist of several main blocks:

1. Name, address where you live, phone number.

2. A brief explanation of why you are applying for the position.

3. Work experience that should be listed in chronological order.In the beginning, the latter should indicate the place of work.It should be specified date (period of), position, organization name and brief description of duties and achievements, if any.

4. Education.The important will be how the student to create a resume.If you are studying, then this item should stand before the work experience.Also there is a general rule: the more time has passed since the release, the less must be this paragraph.

5. Additional information.It may include computer skills and foreign languages, driving license, hobbies, but only if it is closely related to the desired position.

recommendations on the subject of how to create a resume to a job

It is very important that it be brief and specific.Also, do not use the imperfective verbs, as this may give the impression of a one-off nature of your services.Avoid the pronoun "I".Maximum fleshing out their actions, use the numbers for accuracy.Avoid passive forms and verbosity.Prefer positive information.Do focus on your professional accomplishments.

Errors in resume writing

To understand how to create a resume on a job, it is necessary to examine those aspects that include undesirable.Do not describe his whole career, because, as a rule, employers are interested only in the last few jobs, rather than the entire wealth of experience gained over 10 years or more.You do not need to specify your physique or send photos (only if it is not a condition for resume writing).Also, do not specify the reasons for leaving previous jobs and wage requirements.These aspects will help you understand and understand how to create a resume to a job, to make it as effective as possible.Any other details and updates should occur directly at the interview.