Value Pope hunt drawings torpedoes "Squall"?

as the cause of death of the nuclear submarine "Kursk" sources who consider themselves knowledgeable or at least trying to create the impression of those currently referred to as a torpedo explosion "squall" in the forward torpedo room.Sometimes, this hypothesis is complemented by assumptions about the attack by the US submarine "Memphis", because of which the detonation occurred.

In addition, the Chinese delegation attending the large-scale maneuvers in the Barents Sea, is credited with the intention to purchase or is it ultra-fast underwater missile, or even documentation for its production.Americans if his decisive actions thwarted those plans, and the representatives of China left Russia, saying something in the spirit of "this thing just explodes so, we do not need it."

This version journalists bring the detention of a US citizen Pope who was interested by some secret engineering developments of Russian scientists.After the media have been announced some details of military-technical device that caused such a risky activity of US intelligence.

in the press flashed the name of the torpedoes "Squall."The allegation that this miracle weapon is unique, has caused great enthusiasm in the ranks of the patriots, to remember the "shot in the locker," and "democratic community" spoke about the militarization of the country and a new spiral of the arms race, demonstrating anti-American sentiment of the Russian leadership.

To understand how this miracle weapon can be effective in the event of a hypothetical conflict in the maritime theater of military operations, it must be objectively assessed using the available sources.Is it really formidable torpedo "Squall"?Features, published in the press, is not very impressive professional military.

Most importantly, the difference between the object of interest from other spy submarine missiles, is speed.She really considerable, over two hundred knots, nearly 400 km / h.This, in fact, a list of the unique parameters of the torpedoes "Squall" ends.Combat radius is from 7 to 13 km and the warhead weight of 210 kg is not enough to send is guaranteed to the bottom major sea target.

To combat launch torpedoes "Squall", its support should quietly get close to his victim at a distance of a hundred cable's that the present level of anti-submarine defense is problematic.Next - shot.After a simple arithmetic calculation can be obtained, after which in the case of an explosion hit, is a two or three minutes.The question arises of how to avoid retaliatory destruction, because warships rarely go alone, and submarine, sinking one of them, immediately begin hunting.The torpedo-rocket "Squall" noise, cavitation phenomena in the layers of water in contact with the body of the projectile, further reduce the reserve.The submarine, which has appeared on such a small distance from the enemy squadron, and detection sonar, is bound to become a victim of retaliation.

Another question concerns the handling torpedoes "Squall."It is almost zero, so a high-speed maneuver the object under water can not.

turns out that you can shoot only once, with a low hit probability and risk, close to a guaranteed suicide.

in that it is the "Flurry" became the cause of death of "Kursk", it is hard to believe and yet because after a disaster has been suspended operation "thick torpedo" 65-76 "Kit", which indirectly confirms the official version of the tragic events.

The question arises, what was the American intelligence secrets to hunt for this "miracle"?Perhaps that was the reason, some applied solutions can be used in their respective developments, although the total value of the product is highly questionable.