The problem of education.

Parenting little man is quite responsible and complex process, which involves all: teachers, parents, society.

At all times, the problem of education was very serious, it tried to solve the experts, parents, and community leaders, developing recommendations and scientific works.

But for now do not find the right single solutions.After all, every kid - personality with its own character: excitable or calm, diligent and restless, so it is impossible to develop a single recipe education.You can only use the common fundamental principles apply to the child individual attention, consistent with its inherent features.

What education

In modern pedagogy separate the two semantic definition of education: wide and narrow.

term "education" is broadly defined as a systematic purposeful process of joint action of parents and teachers on both sides of the human, physical and spiritual, so as to develop a personality, prepare for life in society and participation in all spheres of activity: cultural, industrialand public.In other words, education of the child provides for the transfer of accumulated social experience and family traditions.

It is noted that one should not forget that the formation and development of personal characteristics strongly influenced by the surrounding environment and the cultural environment in which there is a person outside the family and school.

concept of "education" in the narrow sense includes the development under the guidance of teachers and family character, moral and ethical position and positive qualities of social behavior member of society.

Teenage education

From eleven to eighteen years in the body of the child is undergoing serious changes: hormonal causes to grow physically.At the same time he also has an impact on the emotional state of children, they grow up.

In this regard, education of teenagers is quite a difficult task, which, unfortunately, can not handle everything required a lot of patience, attention and understanding on the part of the adult environment.

changes the child's mind are often the following features:

  • reality perceived most critical;
  • role models become the new idols are not always positive;
  • behavior is subject to frequent changes of mood;
  • on various issues formed his own opinion;
  • depending on education and living environment may appear craving for crime, drug use, a persistent lack of appetite and otherwise.

But education is a serious problem does not occur with every teenager, and this is due not only to the individual qualities of the child's birth.Of great importance in this case is the prior education and relations between family members.

If the child has had enough love, parental warmth, care and embrace, but at the same time parents are not potokat his whims, the child is unlikely to arise the idea to do a criminal activity or forgotten.

also plays a big role is how confidently and democratic parents talked to the kid.The closer was the relationship, the more likely they are to persist and a teenager, which will allow him to share his experiences with his parents.

Therefore, trying to answer the question of how to raise a teenager, do not forget that this process begins long before the arrival of the age problem.The general recommendation for parents - to become an example for the teenager.

importance of family education

Very often the children of his demeanor make parents fall into a stupor: they simply do not know what to do next.And one of these traits is the child's tantrum.

Some try to solve the problem shouting, while others apply a physical effect.Only the result is usually zero, and in a similar situation is repeated.

most common cause of this behavior are issues of family education, that is, inconsistency and lack of consistency in adults, directly affecting the development of the baby.This can be expressed as follows:

  • once allowed to do something, and the second - barred;
  • lowering of prestige;
  • one family member allows the turn on the TV loud (stomping in puddles, jumping on the bed, do not eat up the dinner, stay up late, and so on), and the other - no.

happens again, because every member of the family was reared in different conditions, and has developed its principles and rules.

Thus, everyone is trying to carry out the process of education in its own way, personally.Nobody can abolish the personal view of things here, but that does not harm the baby, it is important to all without conflict coordinate their actions: to discuss the point of view, to develop common approaches, to discuss the situation.

Organization of education

has long been proved that the formation of the human person is in direct proportion to the relationship, and education in the family, which are the fundamental basis of all subsequent life.And the reliability and strength of this foundation will depend on the relation of man to various life situations.

Therefore, it is important to build relationships so that the problem of family education eroding, resolved by peaceful means and has the least impact on the child.

easiest educational process takes place in large families, as the attention of family is distributed evenly, and older looking for younger.In a large family is a natural adaptation to communicate and socialize, accustomed to caring and friendship.

composition and structure of families are of paramount importance for the child.No grandparents can not replace mom or dad.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the education process of single-parent families.

When the child is aware of this situation, it is becoming painful, it can be closed.It is important to protect the child from the adult ambitions and conflicts and try to surround him more attention.

Patriotic education

few years ago, for various reasons there was a weakening of attention to the patriotic work of the state.As a consequence, less attention has been paid to this issue in kindergartens, schools and universities.

But now the situation is changing, and the question of how to raise patriotic person again becomes relevant.

The pedagogy of patriotism is defined as the most important value, which is expressed not only in the historical, cultural, military and ideological aspects, but also as a spiritual, moral and social characteristics.

Realization patriot promote education:

  • experimental research on the history of the war years;
  • organization of school museums;
  • initiation of children to work with veterans and more.

But the contradictions and at the same time the problem of patriotic education manifested in the fact that if you want to carry out the work of educational institutions do not have enough conditions and possibilities for its implementation.

This concerns not only the material and technical base, and timely updates of manuals, networking with their families on these issues.Also extremely lack of qualified specialists and the most extensive coverage of issues of patriotism media.

Actual problems of education

Modern pedagogy divides education into four types:

  1. dictatorship - systematic suppression by older children or adults dignity, personal qualities and initiative.As a result - resistance, fear, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, unwillingness to do anything.
  2. Non-interference (inaction) - providing the child with full freedom.The problem of education in this method is that it produces detachment from family, distrust and suspicion.
  3. Overprotective - is a complete software with the child and guard it from the difficulties encountered.Using this method, parents raise self-centeredness, lack of independence, the weakness in decision-making.
  4. Cooperation - based on common interests and support joint activities.This style leads to independence, equality, family unification.

usually seen in families clash of styles that is the main problem of education.To solve this problem it is important to understand that you must use all the styles.But their symbiosis, not confrontation will make it possible to avoid more problems.

How to educate boys

Almost all parents of sons raises the question of how to grow the boy decent and courageous man.

Many do not realize how important the care and the love of the son of the pope, and not just my mother.Men believe that they should not be such a feeling, and yet they relieve stress and allow the relationship to be sincere.

In our age, full of events and crises, today's children, more than ever, need to communicate with their parents.

For a boy becomes a necessity to go with Dad to the park, ride a bike, make a birdhouse, help my mother, but you never know another man's activities can be found!It is important to communicate with the older generation.Such continuity would allow to transfer this style and my family in the future.

also useful for the development of the boy will be involved in sports or travel sections that will strengthen not only and not so much health, how much character.

Educating girls

no secret that especially education of boys and girls are slightly different, and this is due not only gender, but also with life's challenges.

girl trying to look like on the mother, who is a daughter for example.Her she learns to communicate with her husband, men and others, engaged in housekeeping, to take guests to spend the holidays and more.Therefore, it is important to monitor the mother of his manner of speaking and produced actions.

also affect the education of friends, relatives and acquaintances.It is important to emphasize the positive in the eyes of the girl quality and dignity of people and the fact that my mother would like to see them have a daughter.It would certainly try to fulfill the desire of the mother.

Parenting adolescents requires special attention.You should try to gently keep abreast interests daughter at that age, to know the circle of her friends and acquaintances, if necessary, to point out the shortcomings and correct her affection.To do this, you can draw the attention of the girls in the books or movies characters.

also important for the future mistress occupation is needlework, household chores, cooking.My mother, she can learn to care for themselves, style and taste in things.

special role in the education of girls dad, he must, like my mother, give her flowers, shake hands, congratulate the holidays, pay compliments and more.This will save the daughter of the future of the fears and complexes of communication.

Theoretical bases of education

Theory and Methods of Education, though designed to solve the same problem, but the approach to this very different methods.

theory of education is divided into three main groups (the others are their derivatives):

  1. biogenic.This trend is based on the fact that the properties are inherited personality and scarcely subject to change.
  2. sociogenic.It is alleged that the development of personality affects only social factors.
  3. Behavioral.It is believed that a person has the skills and behavioral habits.

apparently fair to say that the truth is found somewhere in the middle.

techniques and parenting styles

In all the years of existence of psychology and pedagogy were invited to a variety of styles and methods of education, the most popular take a closer look.

Today's children are brought up in Japan on the principles of division into time periods, each of which develops a specific set of skills.Up to five years, everything is allowed, and on reaching this age, and up to fifteen years, the child is put into the rigid framework, the violation of which is the family, and public censure.At the end of fifteen years, a person is considered old enough to communicate on an equal footing.

Since the sixties of the last century does not decrease the popularity of techniques Nikitin, who takes early physical development of children as a basis for harmonious education.

No less Valfdorskaya technique used for the education of children is based on the spiritual and creative development and the use of only natural materials.

educational methods Glenn Doman method is considered to be the early development of babies and recipes, which brought geniuses.The basis of this method is the development from birth.The system requires parents a lot of time and discipline, but eventually gives amazing results.

Methods of education of Maria Montessori is another widely used system.This method is to encourage the child to act independently, analysis and correction of errors.In the game, he decides what and how much to do, and the functions of teachers is to help your child to do everything yourself.

Central to all directions is systematic training and adherence to a single system rather than jumping to different methods.