Assembling PVC windows - one of the relevant professions in Moscow

All houses have windows, which are the link between the outside world and the interior of the apartment or house.For many centuries they - unchanging attributes of buildings from different eras.Over time, these architectural details changed and today we are pleased variety of forms.Nowadays, the most popular are plastic windows that set almost all modern buildings.Therefore, this profession has grown in popularity as a collector of PVC windows.Without it, no longer do any production, which is engaged in the implementation of such works.

profile itself produce large, often foreign, companies that have powerful automatic lines and thereby produce high-quality competitive products.And here it is collected and a set of glasses often small firms, the main figure in the garbage which is PVC windows (it is most often the installer).This person collects the frame of the right size and insert it glass.He cuts the profile, weld seams and makes the glazing, which then fixes in this profile.That is, it is collected from different parts.The first hole in the homes of our ancestors closed bovine bladder and skins of animals, and now in the window openings put in the lightest frame with a thin transparent glass.They perfectly protect premises from loud noises, dust and cold.With them the room ventilated and covered the sun.

In order for such structures were durable, light and practical, must show all his professionalism and experience of the collector of PVC windows.It should be as accurate as possible to observe all technological requirements, so as not to disturb the thermal performance.The last stage - professional installation.

In doing some amount of work is involved garbage PVC windows?

  1. Window profile on the assembly area is cut at the desired size.
  2. next stage - the reinforcement profile.
  3. Fraser holes for ventilation, drainage and mounting hardware.
  4. Tailor welded blanks.
  5. mounted accessories.
  6. the build window on the stand - this is the final installation.

As the complexity of the work is quite high, and the volume of installation and replacement - are enormous in these firms are constantly required collectors PVC windows, especially in a big city like Moscow.Experience of work on the machines, the experience of assembly and installation of plastic designs.Since these professionals still not enough, then take a job trainees and students with the prospect of career growth.The work requires some physical endurance (especially in view of the subsequent installation), so the job is usually invited to such men aged 25 to 50 years.

assembling PVC windows in Moscow, if he is professional and experienced, gets a decent wage.It can reach 50-60 thousand rubles a month.The student has 20 thousand.Prospects for the specialists of this profile are good.The amount of work will be enough for many, many decades.Therefore, if you have certain skills and desire, you can safely explore the profession of "collector of PVC windows."