How to clean silver chain at home

Silverware require periodic maintenance, as over time the metal gets dark, covered with bloom and black spots.This is especially true with jewelry, which are in contact with the skin, for example with silver chains.They very quickly oxidize and fade.Silver does not like humidity and cosmetic creams.How to clean silver chain at home?First you have to determine whether silver impurities of other metals.This happens when it is low probe.Most often an alloy of silver and copper.If this product begins to be polluted, it appears greenish patina.It can only be removed with a special cleaning solution.

How to clean silver chain at home?

If the product is not very dirty, can be used for cleaning materials at hand, in your home.

Try to put on silver toothpaste and rub with a soft brush or your hands.Otter a good product, rinse with plenty of water.

Ammonia not only cleans plaque, but also shine.This method is suitable for the cleaning of utensils made of silver, as there is no likelihood of scratching the product.It is necessary to dissolve two tablespoons of ammonia per liter of water, yet it would be good to add hydrogen peroxide.Silver was placed in the solution and allowed to stand for some time therein.Then wipe the product with a soft cloth.

For complex products and small have a special recipe for than pure silver.Chain, for example, because it is sometimes difficult to weave scrub plaque from the dark.Mix ammonia, toothpaste or powder in equal proportions, dilute with water.This abrasive composition carefully treat the entire length of the chain.Rinse the product after such cleaning.

If a radical cleaning, suitable hypo sodium used in film development photos.His solution was washed with silver, blackened ottiraya place a soft cloth.After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

How to clean silver chain in the home without resorting to potent lineups?There are some unusual way.The metal foil is poured little water, added salt, baking soda and simply put into the mixture for 30 minutes decoration.Dark patina disappears himself.

Note: All of these methods are absolutely not suitable for jewelry with pearls.In general, you should be very careful in choosing what to clean silver jewelry, if they have gems.

possible to avoid darkening of silver

order not to suffer the question of how to clean the silver chain at home, try to prevent the impact, causing oxidation.Each time, going to deal with homework, take a shower or be smeared with cream, remove jewelry.If, however, contact with moisture occurs, wipe them dry with a soft cloth.Keep silver jewelry should be separated from each other.To avoid dark silverware, keep it wrapped in foil.