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more new jobs directly linked to the World Wide Web.This is understandable: after all, not only do we communicate on the network, but also to shop, obtain the necessary information, knowledge and advice.For the substantive content of websites, portals, platforms, boards responsible content manager.The word is all part of the everyday life stronger freelancers and developers.It is one thing - to get a domain name, buy hosting, create a website, to prepare the ground for placing information.And here is how the resource will be of interest to users and visitors, whether it will be attractive to advertisers, whether to sell products or services depends on its content.

Content Manager - the person responsible for the content of the website or portal.Sometimes, this position combines the functions of a journalist, copywriter, photographer and graphic designer.But most of the content manager - an employee who only puts the materials (texts and illustrations), granted by the performers and authors.He must follow the relevant information for compliance policy resource for filling the relevant individual sections and categories.

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What other duties may include job description content manager?Sometimes he has to pick their own semantic core for a particular theme of the site and in accordance with them to come up with topics for future articles.What is meant?For example, if a portal dedicated to repair and design of the room, content manager - this is the employee who must be one of the first to make a list of major and minor keywords associated with this subject.In such a resource would be inappropriate advice on child-rearing or cultivation of tomatoes.Consequently, the content manager it must be clearly stated in the instructions for authors.He then distributes the tasks among copywriters, selects appropriate illustrations follows the unique text and graphics, the observance of copyright.Some resources are published photographic pictures, in other - images from image banks.

is responsible for compliance policy resource and content manager.Education, can typically take two or three days to a week depending on the complexity of the content management system - or CMS.If it is publicly available and widespread (such as Joomla! And Wordpress, or, for example, Magento), the publishing process is easy to learn.In the case of copyright or samopisnyh engines training may take a little longer.

often content manager also serves as the moderator - deletes text and comments that do not meet policy portal that violate the law or ethical principles, and includes offensive or hate speech recording.He is also responsible for the variety and uniqueness of the articles and notes.Creator and owner of the site itself is difficult to keep track of updating all the information, and "hang" on the portal outdated data can greatly damage the reputation of the resource.The Internet news and messages spread like lightning and quickly lose their freshness.It is therefore particularly relevant post content manager for virtual newspapers, magazines and news portals.It was he closely co-ordinates the work of journalists, copywriters, photographers and professionals to promote.