The legendary Suvorov.

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history of the Russian Empire is full of a variety of tests and tipping points.A lot of the true heroes and these men were ready to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of the homeland.One of the Russian generals, the founders of the art of war was Alexander Suvorov.Everyone knows that it is a real fighter, which was strong in spirit, and never lost a battle, even when the number of enemy troops was much greater than his own.At the end of the XVIII century, made Alexander Suvorov crossing the Alps.Russian Emperor commander instructed the task force to transfer to Switzerland with a view to their connection with the case in which there were compatriots.Three weeks later, the hero of Russia made a campaign.

says history

Many still debating whether entered Suvorov.Crossing the Alps was really necessary?But the commander of all the carefully planned and carried out the order of the emperor.It should be noted that this campaign has played a significant role for the Russian-French war was a continuation of the Italian offensive.Besides that Russian troops were from the north of Italy, and with them went and part of Austrian soldiers.Suvorov Crossing the Alps (the year 1799) was carried out in order to inflict a significant blow in the flank and rear of the French troops.Alexander has always been famous for the speed of its decisions, suddenness onslaught and relentless, so in this case he chose such methods.Its main aim was to overcome the way so quickly to catch the enemy by surprise and strike a decisive blow.In this regard, crossing the Alps was carried out through the heavy Gotthard Pass.The whole operation took place under difficult conditions.On the one hand, the brutal nature of the adverse weather conditions, and on the other - the treacherous behavior of the Austrians, constant arguments, battles, skirmishes.

legendary event

graduated from Suvorov crossing the Alps October 8, 1799, exactly 18 days after it began.Skillful military leader still managed to surprise attack on the French, and inflict great damage, which is many times greater than their own losses.It is because of the Swiss campaign Alexander Suvorov was a real hero.It was a turning point in his life and military service.It should be noted that the French general admitted that he was ready to give all of their trips just for the Swiss epic Alexander Suvorov.Arriving to their native lands, Russian commander was awarded the title of Generalissimo of Russian troops.In honor of successful operation, which makes Suvorov (crossing the Alps) in Switzerland it was carved granite cross height of twelve meters.The very same Alexander called his army "Russian bayonets," who was able to collect all their forces and strike a decisive blow, an unexpected, strong and irreversible.

And what happened next?

Summing up, we can say that thanks to the campaign of Suvorov took the battle of the Adda.This event - a real feat.Then the Russian army won the first of the campaign, took heart, believe in themselves and adjust to the new, absolutely incredible victory.