What is a compendium and whether to buy it?

with the announcement of each successive championship Dota 2 called The International, Valve adds in-game item shop named Compendium.However, many players do not know that such a compendium and why buy it.

game bonuses

no secret that most players prefer to Dota 2, not only for the reason that here there is an extremely addictive gameplay, but also because of the many cosmetic items, as well as a host of other interesting elements.For those who do not know what the Compendium, we hasten to say that this is a special item that allows you to enjoy a host of new features, as well as all sorts of bonuses, such as the correct animation Dagon, dagger, cure at the fountain, and many more just.The higher your level the compendium, which is added for the execution of various tasks or to achieve goals, the more you will be able to unlock rewards.

increase in prize money

For every person who does not know that such a compendium might be pleased to learn that 25% spent on the subject of money goes to the prize fund of the championship The International.On the one hand, you give players a tremendous motivation to achieve top places, and on the other - can roughly imagine what amount of money earned, Valve on sales of the subject, because the amount is also quite interesting.However, providing the motivation for the players and getting it more spectacular matches - this, of course, much more interesting acquisition target the compendium for those people who are interested in e-sports, but do not know that such a compendium.


addition to awards in the compendium there are lots of interesting features.In particular, for those who do not know that such a compendium of "DotA 2", but is interested in e-sports, there is an opportunity to test himself in forecasts for different matches or even exactly who will receive direct invite to this championship.Over time, you can also make a forecast of results qualifying tournament itself and a number of other events.If your predictions are successful, you will be able to fully realize what a compendium of "DotA 2" and what is it for ordinary players, because you are waiting for exciting rewards.

Since 2015 have added a number of tests, for example, such as the implementation of a series of murders, the rapid acquisition Mekanzma or first blood in the match.During these tests are available rewards that can later be exchanged for various items in the shop.Thus, you get much more interesting pastime in the game, and can also tune in to watch the matches of the main tournament in Seattle.

Development Project

As is known, Dota 2 is shareware, ie all earnings of Valve is built on selling a variety of in-game items, as well as ticket sales for various championships.That is why, if you are not interested in external things at your favorite character, you can simply buy a compendium only once a year and be assured that have made an invaluable contribution to the pet project.