How to attract referrals?

ways in which to attract referrals, pretty much.All of them are divided into free and paid.The first - less laborious and faster, but will require significant financial investments.Although the results may not be.The second - slow and time-consuming.But it's best to start with the free.Let's look at some of them.

1. Invite friends

This is one of the simplest and most reliable way how to attract referrals.They can tell you all the details and immediately bring to work.The only downside is that they are not so much.Moreover, not all will be active.

2. Boards

the network has enough boards where you can post ads.If you're lucky, it will attract a lot of referrals.But there is one important point.Their ads must be constantly updated as the competition on the internet is very high.If you do this, you do not have to think about how to attract referrals.

3. Social Networks

This may be adding information about the earnings in your profile, or to create a separate group.With this method, you can find a lot of people.But you need to work hard every day to spend time and the promotion of your page or group.

4. Creation of

This is probably the most promising way of how to attract referrals.With a good enough resource, the promotion will be visiting a lot of interested people - potential referrals.And if competently talk about the specifics of online registration, they will not ask too many questions and actively join in the work.To create a website using free platforms such as «Joomla!» And «WordPress».

5. Forums

How to attract referrals link?Very simple.Put it on the thematic forums with a description of their site, the proposed work, the amount of payment and so on.. Thus, you will learn a lot of useful information, exchange links, find interested people, and significantly increase their advertising volumes.But before placing the posts, read the forum rules, because breaking them threatens not only the removal of posts, but also blocking the account.

6. EMS or ICQ

If the person refuses the offer, it may be asked why, and, of course, to convince.If successful scenario, it does not hurt your online help desk.

7. E-mail newsletter

On the Internet there are many websites through which it can be carried out.This is an easy way to reach large numbers of people.But, unfortunately, most of the letters are not read and mark as spam.

8. Work Sites

Another way of how to attract a lot of referrals - to place on the sites of the announcement of the relevant job.In the interest a lot of people, so the traffic to such sites is quite high.Just as well as in forums, here there are certain rules that you should know.If any violations of the ad simply will not publish.

9. Announcements offline

This method is more appropriate to attract regional referrals.Write to tear ads and posted them on the pillars, porches, fences and so on. D. You can also throw the printed ads in mailboxes, under windshield wipers of cars, and so on.. But should prepare for unrest and claims by the owners of the mailboxes, cars andt. e.