Your favorite romantic character and nature

We do not just envy them - every woman at least once in your life would like to be in their place, at least in that scene that ends with a declaration of love and passionate kiss.But did you know that the image, which is so like you can characterize and you personally?

Instructions for use: check out all the photos and select the character that makes you the most sympathy.If you like any of the images, it does not mean that the characters you like.Can not decide because you like the two options?In this case, see both descriptions.

Jane Eyre

triumph of optimism over the objective reality (it is the same - ordinary miracle) - that's what they believe, those who like Jen and her love story.Most of these young ladies tend to idealize: and not of the man (they are well aware of its flaws), but solely his own and his feelings.At the same time call them very romantic individuals that 365 days a year are pink glasses, it is also impossible.Emotional outbursts and gifts of fate - that's fine, they say, but still prefer to hedge.For example, these girls are quite capable of taking the first step toward the man they are interested in such a way that it will sincerely consider themselves initiated this acquaintance.

For many of them internal, peace is more important than external, we add to this philosophy reluctance to strain for someone (and sometimes even to yourself) - and it becomes clear why they adhere to the principle of "Love me little black and little white anyone will love."What they did not take away - so it's thirst for self-realization and confidence in the fact that no one in this world should not compromise their own interests in favor of another (assuming, of course, that this fateful decision, when it comes to life and death).They are very agreeable, although from time to time did not say what the source was prepared to hear them.However, maybe this is what gives them a special charm?

Natasha Rostova

This image is usually impressed by the intelligent, clever, that, at a minimum, do not experience any difficulties when writing the word "intelligence".Good, reliable, reasonably, as a rule, their inner world does not suffer from inflation and interests of the family, especially children (because these girls get very responsible mother) occupy one of the first places among the priorities.

They do not like to admit to himself other people too close, and after talking with them from time to time you catch yourself thinking that you would sincerely like to communicate, and this man said almost nothing.It is unlikely that even one of these young ladies will be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of a wide range of acquaintances in the world.They do not have many friends, but if they are with someone friendly, you are likely to be friends with this person for many years "and in sorrow and in joy."

These girls high value on the work of their responsibility because they did not work "from here and until now", and as long as the job is done.In his personal life as they often have problems in order to express their wishes aloud.And it's not shyness, but increased tact.They are so delicate that prefer to remain silent rather than to hurt a loved one word.

Anna Karenina

Mental throwing and impulses, passions and emotional drama - all of this in the life of Leo Tolstoy's heroine fans less than they would like.They are not averse to correct this situation, but sometimes do not know how to do it, and sometimes just to give vent to the feelings of fear, stupidity, or simply do make a mistake, because themselves do not fully trust.

These girls quite careful, prudent and prefer to count his life as a game of chess, a few steps forward.They are not too fond of surprises and improvisations: in such moments it seems that the worst has happened - lost control of the situation.Constant planning helps most of them to cope with increased anxiety.Among these young ladies are so many people who dream of a scene.Those whose dreams of a theatrical career, for whatever reason do not come true, take her in everyday life - they like to shine, "work" on the audience - even if it is composed exclusively of family and loved ones.

Scarlett O'Hara

Not all fans Scarlett like her.Often, it is like a quiet, house girls, smart and an excellent student who wanted to be a little more daring, resourceful and savvy, but received education prevents them from doing so.Many of these young ladies would be happy to look at adventurous streak: one moment to start life anew with a clean slate, but they always something interferes - keep any family ties and commitments made a hundred years ago, which can not bedisrupt.It is unlikely that they would risk their own experience to check whether "if you can not, but really want, you can."Most prefer to live for others - for children, for my husband, for my mother, as "necessary", pushing their own interests and needs on the second (or even a third - the farthest) plan.

As a rule, it is very vulnerable people with a very thin mental organization, but they are in no hurry to put their experiences show, pounding stress inside that could "backfire" in future health problems of psychosomatic origin - from the appearance of excess weight to the back pain.


¬ęDestiny and behind the stove will" - in the heart groupie girl, who managed to ride on a boat with crimson sails, fatalist.Usually, they prefer not to make any unnecessary movements without a good reason, hoping that all somehow itself is formed.But if the horizon is more or less suitable Gray, these girls immediately begin to write your own scenario with a happy ending, and the wedding, despite the desire of the man.Maximalist, the whole world have divided into black and white, without halftones.If they want something, they want it with all my heart.The paradox - but when their desire is fulfilled, they often do not know what to do with this dream come true, feel a sense of deep disappointment instead of the delight and come up with a new "want" to fill the void.

No matter how much a person of age, at heart, regardless of age, she is still a child - a genuine, lively and direct.

Elizabeth Bennet

Girls who like Liz different independent judgment and are able to defend their point of view (often very distinctive).They did not just clearly know what they want in this life, but also have an enviable ability to equip its existence in accordance with their wishes, without looking at the others.By and large, so ladies do not care about them will say or think strangers, even if they sometimes say otherwise.Maybe they will conquer the top of the career - ambition they have enough, but exactly as long as they feel that they need it.Typically, after the birth of children, they build their schedule so that enough time, especially for a family (usually a family for them - it is a broad concept, it includes not only the husband, children, parents on both sides, butand other relatives and close friends, and sometimes even ex-husbands), and only secondarily - on the job.If you look closely, it is likely to be that these young ladies has some not very common, but unusual and interesting hobby.

As for the scope of love, the situation is not the most simple: a young age, they tend to do silly things and learn only from our own mistakes.Then, scalded milk, long enough to blow on cold water and to choose the men, obviously not inclined to long-term relationships.And this step may be delayed.

Share your results - like whether your character to those described under the photo?Why this character is you have a lot of sympathy than the other?Perhaps it reminds you of itself, or on the contrary - some of the qualities of the character you are lacking ?!

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