Training in the workplace: how should it be?

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Today, some unscrupulous companies take new employees only on one condition.This training in the workplace.It often happens that a novice who has worked for 2-3 weeks, the employee is declared ineligible and dismissed without pay.This is a flagrant violation of the legislation, which gives the exact definition of "training on the job" and regulates it.Internships called mastering practical skills of work specified in the job description.Most often, this practical period are specialists in manufacturing workers in hazardous conditions.However, sometimes it can appoint people passing to another job, get promoted, or the likeTerm of training at the workplace may vary depending on the duties, the specifics of production.Usually it takes three to ten days.Newly hired employees with no experience in this field or profession, are not trained, and training.Only after the employee has received the necessary theoretical knowledge and skills in the practice of sending.

Probation period in the workplace

process of acquiring skills in the workplace has its positive and negative aspects.Well, of course, more:

  • staff have time to familiarize themselves with the terms of reference to assess the correctness of their own choice, to meet with colleagues to evaluate their own.
  • There is a time to adapt to the new location.
  • employer also gets time to assess the future specialist.
  • internship allows the employee to familiarize yourself with the features of the labor collective, work schedule, conditions, other features of the particular workplace.It helps to start full operation without additional stress and nervous tension.

bad news is that some leaders, violating all the laws of the Russian Federation, make this process as unpaid hours, after which the trainee is fired without monetary compensation.Internships at the workplace - this is not training and practice, ieactivities, which is paid on a mandatory basis.The size of the salary negotiated in advance.

The procedure for

internship in the workplace starts with the leadership issued an order to its beginning.The same document is assigned responsibility for the practice.Most often it is the section chief or department, the head of another department.After this, the trainee passes the primary safety briefing, met with official duties, etc.Leader is a daily magazine, which noted the duration of working time, job content trainee, takes into account all types of completed cases.When the training is over, the employee must pass a safety and skill acquisition.Usually, it is required not only a professional performance of duties, but also knowledge of the documents, which he must guide the work.If one of these rules is violated probation, deceived person has the right to go to court.