A good whitening toothpaste (according to dentists and buyers)

white smile is not always associated only with a successful and attractive owner, but also an indication of his health.But until now, many believe that the luxurious and snow-white smile - it is a privilege only stars.In fact it is not so beautiful and healthy teeth may be at each, the main thing - perseverance and desire.

This article will try to answer the question of MTOM which toothpaste is best to whiten teeth, and compiled a rating of prominent representatives in the category.

To start worth noting that the degree of neglect of teeth can be different, so the use and selection of the desired paste need to be adjusted.In total there are two main groups of such pastes.

1. pastes, neutralizing surface contamination (pigments).

good toothpaste, whitening your teeth gently and shallowly.If oral care is offered daily and qualitatively, the effectiveness of this toothpaste is low becauseit simply does not work on that and there is nothing to neutralize.These pastes often recommended for people suffering from nicotine addiction and having a little plaque on the teeth.

The main components that make up this type of pastes - abrasive and polishing materials, and components that prevent the formation of plaque and tartar.

2. pastes, pigment neutralizing plaque.

Best Whitening Toothpaste in their characteristics.The content of abrasives in the maximum proportion makes it a very effective tool for removing pronounced plaque and other contaminants.

So, below is a list of the most effective products to neutralize the pigments in the mouth, and here you can choose and decide for themselves what toothpaste whitens teeth better in your particular case.


Reinforced toothpaste with a high concentration of abrasive and controlled facet, has good efficiency and a corresponding price.

Best Whitening Toothpaste, reviews of which is very flattering and numerous.The presence of abrasive materials is higher than similar products, so it is perfect for people who have pigmented plaque pronounced.

Coupled with pyrophosphate and abrasive paste gives a double effect: the removal of plaque and dental deposits running.Pasta is good for people with hypersensitive teeth and for mineralization of enamel.

Manufacturer: Germany.

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, pyrophosphate, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 1357 ppm.

concentration of abrasives: 120 RDA.

Price: ~ 200 rubles.


Best Whitening Toothpaste according to dentists with enhanced whitening effect.You can not use it more often than once a week.Increased concentration of abrasives saves not only on the pigment plaque and tartar from.

also allows the presence of calcium enamel suck the necessary minerals.Good toothpaste, tooth whitening, but it should be alternated with conventional pastes, where the rate of abrasion (RDA) is less than 80 points, so be sure to study the package before use, otherwise there is a risk to damage the teeth and destroy the enamel.

Manufacturer: Italy.

Ingredients: silica, diatomid polishing and abrasive agents.

concentration of abrasives: 200 RDA.

Price: ~ 250 rubles.

REMBRANDT - Antitobacco and coffee

If you are the coffee, strong tea and love are not averse to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, the ideal option for you would toothpaste, tooth whitening is good - REMBRANDT.Due to its composition of matter tsitroksain and complex acting on the mouth, paste a good job with the neutralization of dental plaque and bacteria.

high content of fluorine allows the daily prevention of teeth, providing saturation of enamel and preventing the development of hypersensitivity of the gums and teeth.

Manufacturer: USA.

Composition: alumina, papain, Tsitroksain®, sodium citrate, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 1160 ppm.

Price: ~ 450 rubles.


Advertising, as well as the manufacturer himself, confidently promises that the paste is able to make teeth whiter 5 tones.The main bleaching agent is carbamide peroxide, releasing active oxygen.

decomposition of plaque and pigments in «REMBRANDT Plus" is engaged tsitroksain, which has proved a very positive side to spec.laboratories.

fluorochemicals provide excellent preventive agent throughout the oral cavity and mineralization of tooth enamel, thereby preventing occurrence of tooth hypersensitivity.Quite a few (and well known) is that dentists recommend toothpaste for whitening.

Manufacturer: USA.

Ingredients: carbamide peroxide, Tsitroksain®, fluorophosphate, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 1160 ppm.

concentration abrasives 70 RDA.

Price: ~ 500 rubles.

SPLAT extreme White

Due to lighten directly by the enamel using urea granules increases the effectiveness of pasta literally doubled.

Sodium fluoride provides excellent prevention of the entire oral cavity, eliminating the hypersensitivity of teeth and general demineralization.

The manufacturer claims that if used regularly SPLAT extreme White for at least one month, your teeth become white two tones.

manufacturer: Russia.

Ingredients: carbamide peroxide (granular), silicon dioxide, fluorophosphate, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 500 ppm.

Price: ~ 200 rubles.

LACALUT White Repair

presence of abrasives and polishing of components allows the paste to split virtually any pigment and sodium fluoride together with pyrophosphate facilitates the neutralization of plaque.

good whitening toothpaste, reviews of which are varied and mostly positive.One of the main features of this paste - the presence of specific components that are easy to cope with the reduction of tooth enamel and a good fight with the emergence and prevention of tooth hypersensitivity.

Manufacturer: Germany.

Composition: titanium dioxide, pyrophosphates, silica, sodium fluoride, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 1360 ppm.

concentration of abrasives: 100 RDA.

Price: ~ 150 rubles.

SPLAT whitening Plus

good toothpaste, tooth whitening, combined with the neutralization of plaque.The content of the balanced elements and special materials allows the paste to destroy the structure of the pigment, and with the help of pyrophosphate dissolved small dental plaque.

hypersensitive SPLAT struggling through the potassium salt, and the mineralization of the enamel provides a fluorine and fluorine-containing elements.

manufacturer: Russia.

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, pyrophosphate, potassium, Polidon, sodium fluoride, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content: 1000 ppm.

Price: ~ 90 rubles.

SILCA Arctic White

Whitening toothpaste, reviews of which are extremely positive.The balanced concentration of abrasive paste allows perfect fight bacterial bloom and remove medium-sized pigments.

Thanks to the well-phosphate paste dissolves and cleans the mouth by dental plaque.The presence of fluorine-containing substances ensures good preventive teeth and enamel mineral salts restore and normalize the sensitivity of the gums and teeth.SILCA Arctic White is recommended for people with severely impaired or absent tooth enamel.

Manufacturer: Germany.

Composition: titanium dioxide, pyrophosphates, silica, sodium fluoride, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 1450 ppm.

concentration abrasives 85 RDA.

Price: ~ 75 rubles.


Many ask, "What's the best toothpaste to whiten teeth?".The best option is for you to be found in the lineup PRESIDENT, the more that the brand has always distinguished the use of natural products.

Pasta does not affect tooth sensitivity and gently whitens teeth.The presence of fluorine has a preventive effect while strengthening the enamel.

Manufacturer: Italy.

Ingredients: Iceland moss, crystalline silicon, fluorophosphate, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 1350 ppm.

concentration abrasives 75 RDA.

Price: ~ 250 rubles.

ROCS PRO - Oxygen bleaching

After one month (according to the manufacturer), the active ingredient of carbamide peroxide will bleach your teeth with enamel on three tones.

But due to the lack of high concentration of abrasive elements completely remove plaque unlikely.This paste is strongly recommended in combination with «ROCS PRO - delicate bleaching", where tartar and other pigments will not be any chance.

manufacturer: Russia.

Ingredients: carbamide peroxide, calcium, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content: None.

Price: ~ 300 rubles.

ROCS - Sensational

good whitening toothpaste, tooth whitening complex due to the enzyme bromelain, which breaks down as a pigment and bacterial plaque, making follow-up work for the polishing agents easier and faster.

Tooth enamel is saturated with minerals via calcium, strengthening it and providing a preventive effect on the entire oral cavity.

manufacturer: Russia.

Composition: titanium dioxide, bromelain, silica, calcium, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content: None.

Price: ~ 220 rubles.

ROCS PRO - Gentle bleaching

Patriotic best toothpaste, well whitens teeth and has a preventive effect on the mouth.It copes well with the removal of pigments and strengthening the enamel.Just like the previous product contains a substance bromelain, destroying plaque.

due to the presence of calcium mouth saturated with minerals.If you compare this to the toothpaste «ROCS - Sensational whitening", you can specify that it has a milder effect because of the absence of some of the abrasive elements, but thanks to the balance of substances can be used every day without any serious contraindications.It can be called the first step in the professional teeth whitening.

According to the destination «ROCS PRO - Gentle bleaching" has two types of sale - Sweet Mint and Fresh Mint.The price of both types is approximately the same, pasta worth the money on it.

manufacturer: Russia.

Composition: bromelain, silica, calcium, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content: None.

Price: ~ 300 rubles.

Blendamed 3D White

What is the good whitening toothpaste?The answer you can give a line Blendamed, which can be called an icon of the dental care and prevention of oral cavity.The variety of species and types allows you to choose exactly what you need for each case.

assortment of the brand is quite wide, but the composition is not changed fundamentally.The main component - pyrophosphate.He promptly dissolve plaque and fat, and a few abrasives keep your enamel intact.Fluorine mineralization will provide oral and help reduce tooth hypersensitivity.

manufacturer: Russia.

Composition: pyrophosphates, silica, sodium fluoride, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content: 0.30 - 0.35%.

Price: ~ 150 rubles.

Colgate - Whitening Complex

excellent whitening toothpaste, reviews of which is very flattering.Proper combination of abrasives and polishing materials allows you to quickly deal with pigmentation and plaque.

presence of fluorine and sodium contributes to the preventive protection of the oral cavity, plus reduces hypersensitivity of the teeth, along with the restoration of the tooth enamel and mineral atmosphere.

Manufacturer: China.

Composition: sodium bicarbonate, titanium dioxide, and silica, sodium fluoride, and polishing abrasives.

Price: ~ 90 rubles.

"New Pearl - Bleaching"

Balance components can effectively clean the enamel from plaque and tartar fighting.The presence of pyrophosphate helps to dissolve the pigments and prevents their further occurrence.

Precautions should apply the "New Pearl - Bleaching" people with sensitive teeth, becausecomplex, part of the paste, it can cause demineralization.

manufacturer: Russia.

Composition: titanium dioxide, pyrophosphate, silica abrasives and polishing.

fluorine content: there is no / not specified.

Price: ~ 50 rubles.

"New Pearl - Gentle bleaching"

Pasta well balanced nutrients and fluorine has a prophylactic effect on the entire oral cavity, preventing tooth hypersensitivity.

Although the composition and not as remarkable as that of other similar products, pasta has found his client at the expense of lower prices.

manufacturer: Russia.

Ingredients: silica, fluoride, calcium, and polishing abrasives.

fluorine content of 0.78%.

Price: ~ 30 rubles.


vysheoboznachennyh rating will certainly help you to decide on the main question: "What good toothpaste whitens teeth?".Reviews on all products can be asked directly of the attending physician.But it is worth remembering a few things before you run to the store for paste.

Dentists are advised to use this or that toothpaste only after consultation with a specialist in professional cleaning, otherwise the existence of serious dental calculus simply does not allow you to achieve the desired effect, no matter what you may have used the paste.If you skip

professional cleaning, you run the risk of the spread of tones, ie,uneven whitening, so do not neglect this advice.

In the case where a little plaque on the teeth, it is possible to choose a paste with a high concentration of abrasive particles, but remember that in bleaching requires an integrated approach.Do not use strong whitening toothpaste every day, combined with soft counterparts, so as not to damage the enamel of the teeth together.

Also, be aware that the effect of the active substance carbamide peroxide does not apply to fillings or crowns, so the bleaching, for example, the front teeth, where they are installed, the teeth will be visible dark spots.

Once the whitening procedure has been completed, the experts urged to take preventive measures, namely satisfy enamel minerals and other nutrients.To consolidate bleaching and recovery are well suited soft enamel paste containing calcium phosphate and sodium fluoride, may also be added to rinse the oral cavity of sodium fluoride for 1-2 months.

untimely and irregular oral care can easily become a reason why you chose pasta instead of the positive effect may cause only harm and further development of caries.

And remember that the use of pastes, which include carbamide peroxide, you need to carefully and with extreme caution.