The main themes and motives lyric Lermontov M. Yu

No one really talented poet can not write to the same theme, it applies to the last century the great writer Mikhail Lermontov.In his works the reader can hear the confession of a great man, because all the poems are personal stories that lived through the poet, they concealed his soul and feelings.The main themes and motives lyric Lermontov relate to the role of the poet, the fate of people, a lot of poetry and the poet dedicates homeland nature.

Mikhail became almost the only follower of Pushkin, this writer he admired, his citizenship, so after the death of Alexander did not hesitate to protest against the Tsarist regime and support the great poet.The main motives lyric Lermontov - is loneliness and longing, because his talent blossomed during the destruction of the nobility of the revolution, when a new generation of fighters had not yet come.Therefore, always believed in the power of their people, and this helped him to live and work.

main topics of the lyrics Lermontov - a hatred and contempt for the sovereignty of the younger generation.Writer despised his contemporaries for the narrowness of thinking inertia.Even the most intelligent, educated and talented representatives of that era did not know in which direction to send their skills, so many of them have become "superfluous people," indifferent to everything that is going on before their eyes.Mikhail even arranged a civilian vigilante justice over their contemporaries in the poem "Duma".

main themes and motives lyric Lermontov relate to the hated tsarist regime.His first protest poet expressed in the poem "Death of a Poet," in which he calls for revenge for the death of the great writer, who is accused in the death of the current regime.Mikhail reveals its attitude towards secular personages, he hates intrigues, slander, callousness and the void of the mob.

In many ways, the main themes and motives lyric Lermontov apply to the vast homeland of the writer.The poem "Borodino", "homeland" reveals the true attitude of the poet to his country and people.Mikhail loves Russian special love, sincere and pure, her feelings he opposes lzhepatriotizmu upper classes, who need only honor, wealth and titles.Poet with particular trepidation relates to nature, but even more he admires simple peasants, workers at the sight of his heart begins to beat with joy, filled with joy and love.

main themes and motives lyric Lermontov also concern destiny of the poet, his mission in society.They are fully disclosed in the poem "The Prophet" and "Poet".The author compares the poet with a dagger, thereby claiming that the word can be a serious weapon.But the trouble is that in the XIX century, this is the knife turned into a golden toy for fun, it is completely harmless and inglorious.

Verses Lermontov never heard of despair, he did not submit to fate.The writer is inherent in a quiet, sad call of a man tired of fighting, but it works in most felt rebellious spirit.Perfect musicality and depth of philosophical poetry of Lermontov in the elevated number of talented poets of the XIX century.