Caesarean section - to do or not?

Once a cesarean section was complex and emergency surgery to save the baby during childbirth.But times have changed - now more and more pregnant women, even when healthy and without any special medical conditions tend not to suffer and not to take risks during childbirth, and just let the doctors "to get the child" under anesthesia and all.

However, it is harmless, this "new-fangled way to give birth?"What we must remember the expectant mother in the decision to go for an operation?

Of course, only a doctor should decide whether you need a caesarean section, or a woman can try to give birth to itself, and whether it is dangerous like surgery for the mother and child.

Besides, like any surgery, cesarean (if known before birth, it is necessary), and for doctors and patients to make the best planning.It is not only accepted in hospitals, but also enables all participants to better prepare for the surgery.

However, expectant mother, to decide what will be her birth, must also know the "pros" and "cons" of caesarean section, and - when it is needed and when it is better to do without.

So when is needed caesarean section, and risky or impossible natural childbirth:

1) transverse or breech diligence child when you can not expand without surgery his head down;

2) an incorrect attachment of the placenta to the uterus when the placenta does not allow the child to be born in the normal way;

3) when there is an increased risk to the health of the mother or child, or both together: mother's serious illness - such as heart disease, acute genital herpes, cervical tumors, HIV, diabetes and other ailments;

4) is that cesarean appointed when his mother - too narrow for a natural birth the pelvis, or when, according to preliminary estimates, the baby is too big, and too much weight;

5) the threat of uterine rupture due to differences stitches after previous operations;

6) Sometimes doctors advise to do a caesarean and after artificial insemination, and if to be born twins, triplets, etc.

In all these cases, doctors may appoint a pregnant woman elective caesarean.

Emergency surgery is performed, if during childbirth suddenly have problems that threaten the health of mother and child.For example, if the fetal heart rate drops, or the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, if there comes oxygen starvation of a child, or when there are serious problems with water or internal bleeding pregnant.Also, do a caesarean, when stopped or does not start labor, the placenta peels off prematurely or the umbilical cord falls.

But if mother and child are healthy and doing well, then, of course, best of all - natural childbirth.

Why not choose a cesarean section if it is not needed:

1) is - a real and serious abdominal surgery, with cuts in the abdominal wall and uterus, and joints;

2) during the operation the baby gets some dose of anesthesia;

3) there is a possibility of complications in the respiratory system of the newborn (shortness of breath, asthma, pulmonary insufficiency), and up to 39 weeks of gestation, this probability is particularly high;

4) if the error occurred in the calculation of the timing of pregnancy and childbirth, there is a risk to give birth to a premature baby;

5) during and after the birth mother and the child may receive some dose of antibiotics, due to which newborns are breastfed immediately, but in 3 or 5 days;

6) in contact with the baby is not always possible at once - sometimes only a day or two after birth;

7) the child does not get the experience of passing through the birth canal, which is considered useful for better physical and psychological adjustment to a new baby to the world;

8), do not forget about the difficult tests of the mother anesthesia (sometimes shared), antibiotics, suffering from joints and pain in the postoperative period, when it will be difficult to move and not allowed to lift weights, an increased risk of complications (from loss of blood- to various internal inflammations).

Therefore, when planning their birth, a pregnant woman needs to think seriously about whether or not to try to give birth itself, if there is such a possibility.