British breeds of dogs.

Almost all countries of the planet participated in the creation of their own exclusive breeds of dogs.But the most "productive" in this sense was the United Kingdom.Today, many British breeds of dogs are popular.Let's get acquainted with the most popular.

English Setter

nice and friendly, well ladyaschy children - these are the main features of this dog.

dog breeds English setter has a rather memorable appearance.Setter - beautifully built dog with elegant posture.The coat of the animal is very long and thick with a distinctive mottled color.It can be perfectly straight or slightly wavy.

moving animals with a special grace, but the English setters - very mobile dog possessing a sharp intuition.After all, they are displayed only for hunting.

If we talk about the character, the English Setter is perfect as a pet for families with children.Dogs very sociable and quietly respond to come into the house of strangers.

Do not start this dog, if you spend most of their time outside the home, because they are simply vital constant communication with the man.Setters very badly transfer loneliness.Also, the animal is not suitable for captive content.

keeping animals

where special efforts are also not expected.The main thing is to remember that the English breeds of dogs are mainly hunters and setters are no exception.That's why animal requires long daily walk, during which the dog can run around without a leash.Only in this case, your pet will be happy and healthy.

special care needs, and animal fur.Setter must be combed every day, thus avoiding its tangling.Periodically, the dog should be handled and paws, vystrigaya fur between the pads.


Another old English breed that will look great and hunting, and in the show ring.

Greyhound - English version hunting greyhound.Initially the animals were meant only for hunting, but later they took a track dog racing.The powerful and well developed muscles of the hind legs makes them great sprinters.

representatives of the breed is very friendly.Dogs have a calm nature, which helps them to get along with other representatives of the dog world.Deciding to have a greyhound at home, should take into account their natural hunting instinct.That is why small pets (cats, rabbits and chinchillas breeds) may well become the hunted.

British Greyhounds - intelligent and friendly animals, especially very attached to their owners.

English Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

Cocker Spaniel English - one of the many hunting breeds.Generally Cocker - intelligent, inquisitive and sociable animals.Impressive appearance, coupled with the dog obedient and sweet temper made him a universal favorite.This is probably the most frequent family dog ​​breed.Spaniel English very attached to their owners, hard transfers alone.The dog gets along well with other pets and get along well with children.

representatives of the breed is quite easy to education, but this process must begin immediately after the puppy in the house.He should immediately recognize in you the master, so indulge a little mischievous pranks impossible.If the dog will understand that the owner is not always ready to go to the goal, then you will get this home bully.

Cocker - excellent hunters.And if you do not plan to use the dog on purpose, it just have to come up with an alternative for your pet pastime.This may show, for example.If the dog does not busy, then it starts to spoil the character.You could even say that idleness Spaniel quietly going mad.Cocker takes a long daily walks and moderate physical activity.

give special charm to the dogs ears, and long hair.That is why spaniels require special care.Every day, the dog must be combed as hair care without straying into mats.In addition, it needs regular grooming.

English Pointer

breed was developed in 1650 and was intended for hunting hare and birds, equip nest on the ground.The name of the dog was due to typical stand that it takes when it detects prey.English Pointer is still the most popular hunting dog.

If we talk about the nature of the animal, it is a devoted breed.Dog features a very balanced character.Poynter calm in relations with other representatives of dogs and very friendly with other pets.Especially if you grew up together.

English Pointer clearly responds to the presence of strangers.It's a homemade bell that will alert you certainly barking in the event of a suspicious noise in the house.

Dogs of this breed have a smooth and dense coat that needs regular cleaning.This breed is not suitable for an urban apartment.The animal needs space so that he could walk freely in nature.If you like jogging jogging, the best companion you will not find.

It was the British breed of hunting dogs.Now, get acquainted with other famous Britons.

English Mastiff

mastiffs in the UK have traditionally been used as a guard dog.This breed is the largest among all known.Some members of the family up to 150 kg, but, despite this impressive size, the animals have an excellent addition.

breed originally used during the hunt, later as fighting dogs, and finally as a guard dog.In all of this Mastiff - amazingly kind and non-aggressive dog, devotedly loving owner and his children.

Dogs of this breed is a great companion, kind and gentle.But leave him alone with small children still not worth it.Although the dog did not show aggression, but during the game the child can accidentally press down their weight.

Welsh Corgi

Fans observe the life of the aristocracy, often ask the question: "And what breed of dog is the Queen of England?" It welsh corgi - a small herding dog, somewhat resembles fox.According to the legend, the first Welsh corgi was presented to the people queen of the fairies.

favorite breed of dog Queen of England - welsh corgi.And it's no longer a secret, because these dogs accompany the heads of the ruling House of Windsor for eight decades.

Dogs are very friendly.They get along well with children and pets, which have to share shelter and love the owner.On the walk, they enjoy playing with other members of the canine family, since birth is not conflicted.But it is worth remembering that the Welsh corgi - one of the varieties of miniature shepherd, so if this kid touches the other dog, you will be able to see their baby in all its glory.This fun fox is able to repel the dog, and above its weight and size.

Corgi can not be idle, but they never entertained himself corruption sofa or howling.But the little motor that hid the nature of this dog, never stops.Active games, a survey of its territory, long walks - that's what gives pleasure dog.Therefore, if you are heavy on the rise, the welsh corgi definitely not your dog.

Health Hazards royal dog

One of the main problems of this breed - obesity.If your pet does not get the necessary exercise, but tightly eats, the shortness of breath, weight and concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system are guaranteed.Therefore, it is important to monitor calorie diet dog.

Now you know what breed of dog is the Queen of England.Unfortunately, in Russia Corgi rare.

English toy spaniel

Of course, not all the English breeds of dogs as powerful as mastiffs, there are miniature representatives.One of them - the English toy spaniel, a favorite of King Charles II.Ancestors of dogs were English Spaniels, who in the 19th century, actively crossed with pugs and Pekingese.It is from these animals and get your amazing nose.

Toy Spaniel - a charming and friendly little dog.Immensely loyal to his master, he strives all the time to spend with his family.He especially likes children's society.With other pets dogs get along well.Thanks calm, steady and undemanding nature of the English Toy Spaniel is an ideal family companion.

As they get older the puppy need to give him a general idea of ​​obedience.Toy Spaniel is very smart and easy to taming.He will try his best to earn the praise of the owner, but sometimes it becomes very moody.

Dogs do not require strong physical exertion, so are ideal for keeping in a city apartment.But doggie get the pleasure of a short walk.

English Bulldog

This is quite unique and unlike anyone else breed.English Bulldog looks stocky, perhaps even a square dog.The coat of the animal is very short and soft to the touch.A distinctive feature is the presence of an English bulldog dewlap.

once fighting dog, modern English Bulldog - a wonderful companion, perceiving all the events taking place in the house as part of his life.Noisy and very reckless, Bulldog can spend hours playing with children.

dog can not long remain in solitude.Lack of communication makes it moody and rebellious.And remember, you can not make a bulldog to do anything by force, but "persuade" it is quite real.

English Bulldog does not need long walks.In contrast, the Bulldogs should be protected from excessive exercise.This dog breed belongs to the exclusive "sofa guard" dogs.

In conclusion

It was the most popular British breeds.Of course, this is not all the representatives, which was the birthplace of the United Kingdom.After all, to cover all in this short story is quite impossible.