"Crown of celibacy": what it is and how to fight it?

The list of magical services common proposal to remove the crown of celibacy, prevents a person to meet your soul mate and start a family.Listen to some of the wizards and witches working with clients, so that the crown is worn on the head 99 per cent of single people.In most cases, offering services experts cunning, referring to "the crown of celibacy" all cases in which a person can not find a partner and get married (to marry), although it is very wishes.So, let's say at once: the crown of celibacy exists.But it is found rarely.What is meant by "the crown of celibacy?"

First tell that is not a "crown of celibacy."

Let the girl, barely graduated from 9th grade and worked as an assistant Seller wants to marry a member of the board of directors of a major bank, a tall, handsome and cheerful.And, of course, insanely in love with her.Reduces the requirements for the candidates, it is not going to.Years go by, and no banker (especially with additional options) and have not washed it ashore."Crown of celibacy" allegedly disturbing her happiness, nothing to do with.

Take another example."Loving" Mother in the hearts throws daughter: "But who do you need this!" Once throws, two, three.Oh, what have the power over us, those whom we used to trust, to whom our heart is open!After a couple of failed romances thought "But who am I need you!" Will be permanently written into the head of his daughter.As a result - the relationship with potential candidates for the grooms hardly reach the desired logical conclusion.Remove or not take off immediately, "the crown of celibacy" and nothing will.

And if you had a quarrel with a neighbor, and she broke out threats such as "Yes, so you never got married / living Bobylev life!Yes, you have to either men / women or children were not!So one / one and you die! "Version of the story are two: You're scaring herself begin to fulfill the proposed scenario (in which the mechanism of action similar to the previous case);you spit and forget, and ten years later you realize that everything really is the case.In the latter case, you cursed.And you can help.But to the "crown of celibacy" is, though closer than in other cases, but it has little to do.

What is the "crown of celibacy?"

«crown of celibacy" is not the person acts on the inside, it is alien to him outside education, created by someone from the outside, but not the man himself.Crown - a structure that can be worn on the person.But what to wear, protects against outside influences."Crown of celibacy" is most often made to order "well-wishers".Just like that, in passing, how to throw a curse, to create a "crown of celibacy" is inappropriate.Therefore, cases of putting a man "crown of celibacy" are much less common than damage, the evil eye and destructive inner work of man himself.

climax of this structure is called not by chance.It is a closed formation, often having quite clear contours.The crown is put on top of a man, put him in his arms, but not oblegaya tightly.Subjectively, the crown does not feel he does not press, does not interfere with the normal flow of daily life.Inside the ring one does not feel cramped movements, it continues the familiar energy exchange with the environment.For greater clarity, it is worth noting that the crown may look like a big crown, upside down, and worn teeth on the man, so that the teeth are in the ground.The man continues to live without knowing what is inside a "crown".

course, come close to such a person can not.Maximum - stand together on opposite sides of the crown.Therefore, if the person is by nature active, any love relationship can be tied, but converge close people can not.This leads to a series of novels that end parting, and even under the most rasprekrasno relationships people do not reach the stage of cohabitation or marriage.Very often, active strong man does not even think about the fact that not everything is in order.If a person is passive in nature, it generally can not be any close relationship with the opposite sex from the time when the "crown of celibacy" was wearing.But he would rather think about the reasons for this situation than the one who is the "crown" is not a serious obstacle to be the object of attention of the opposite sex.

To effectively remove the "crown" with him to make the manipulation, donning the opposite, that is, lifting it from the bottom, take off over his head.After the removal of the "crown" a man's life changes.He becomes the object of attention of the opposite sex, sometimes tripled attention.It seems that a man begins to take an interest in all the people who could show him for the years that he was wearing a "crown", but earlier because he could not.

If nothing in life has not changed, it is hardly reason for the failure on the love front was just the "crown."

Sometimes the "crown" is removed independently in crisis moments of human life (it comes with a risk, danger to life and health, the commission fateful action situations) when he unwittingly released from the snare of his shackles, throwing off the "crown."
Generally remove the "crown" the most impossible, there must be a professional to intervene.

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