Accountant - who is this?

Accountant - is one of the most important people in the company, in fact, he expects, and often pays wages to employees.In addition, however, he has a lot of responsibilities and powers.

you thought about the fact you do not get any specialized education?Do you want to find out what exactly has been an accountant and a lot whether he is paid for it?Let's deal with these issues in this article.

accountant, my dear accountant ...

What does an accountant?This is not an idle question, and it is related to the topic, because most people have a very vague idea of ​​the sphere of activity of the specialist.So, what society knows about the accountants and that this is true:

accountant engaged in paperwork .True, the work of an accountant - a ceaseless process of documentation, often with the help of a computer program.

accountant sitting at one place in the office. Not necessarily.If a small amount of work, the accountant may well come to the workplace several times a month, or work remotely.This is a definite advantage - only one person can "lead" several companies to get more money.Also, the remote works well for those who want to spend more time with his family, indulging in this pleasure to work with.

Accountants - mostly women. It is true, as the majority of men believe the work of an accountant too hard.Although relatively recently, when the course was the abacus, rather than calculators, most often it is the powers that be (in the sense that the men) were clerical.Times have changed, it moved from paper records to electronic and eventually replace small adding machine.Today, quite rare to find a man, an accountant, although it is a great start for those who want to work in financial services or accounting department headed.

And, actually, this knowledge about this particular work ends.If you want to know about the work of an accountant more, read the sequel.

Main responsibilities

Accountant - is one of the most important "cogs" of the mechanism of the enterprise, because it is from its activities depends on the correctness of the payroll, payments to suppliers and customers, the amount of the tax burden.By and large, all the property, which is at the company, all it buys or sells, fixed this employee.

If the company is small and consists of a few people, then it will be only one expert.If the company carries out a number of operations staff is large, usually creates an accounting department, which is headed by the chief accountant.It's not a rule, but it usually happens.

What 'portions' lead accountant

If it is a large enterprise where there is a lot of operations, large amounts of supplies, many employees in the state, one-two accountants simply physically not cope with the work.In such a case, a separate service accounting.Make sure it works accountant settlement - a specialist payroll staff.The work requires great care, because, as you know, people are working just for the money.If you make a mistake in the calculation of wages, then it will have to deal with disgruntled employees.In addition, there are accountants who are engaged in work with suppliers and customers (posting goods and registration of its implementation, verification of Settlement), accountants who work with the cashier, accountants involved in the preparation of reports.

professional accountant - is the one who does not stand still in their development.Not only receive specialized education, it is important to continue to grow and after as an expert.Since the employee is engaged in minimizing tax payments, you need to constantly keep track of changes in legislation.

demanded whether the accounting profession?

In principle, an experienced accountant will always find a job as any company needs a specialist.

If you have no preference regarding the choice of education, but you just want to have a "cushy" job and get paid, then you can safely choose the specialty "Accounting and Auditing" at the university.However, higher education is not necessary.Expert accountant - is not a person with a diploma, and the one who knows his job and tax legislation.Perhaps you can not work on your education, then feel free to finish accounting courses - and more!

it possible to obtain a position without experience?

course, get a job without experience harder than add-on.Then we advise you to start to work in a large company with a separate accounting department.There you will be allocated a separate area in which you will be engaged.Money accountant receives a par with leading specialists, career there, and you can with due diligence rather quickly promoted to the title of "chief accountant".It's easy, especially if you are careful, perseverance, love working with papers.

How can I make an accountant?

If you do not want dovolstvovatsya small and have sufficient experience, then you can become a freelancer."Free" accountant - is a specialist who works on part-time for the needs of the enterprise.For example, it happens that at the time the employee retired, and for some time it is necessary to replace.

Or, for example, the company is small, the amount of work is small, but the reports are handed over to the tax, has not been canceled.Director of the enterprise may be Nesil for tax purposes, but because it hundred percent need help intelligent professionals.In this case, you can work remotely, receiving documents over a network.Thus it is possible to lead several companies to obtain a salary of several same sources.

What is the salary of an accountant?

It all depends on what kind of company, what is the amount of work which region.If you take the big cities of Ukraine, the average accountant in a small private company receives from 2.5 to 4 thousand hryvnia at a private company.

in Russia salary is roughly at the same level - 9-15 thousand rubles.State-owned enterprises salary slightly less.If we are talking about companies with foreign capital, of course, you will get more.

By the way, more about career opportunities.A good accountant can eventually become an auditor.Auditor - a specialist to verify the correctness and legality of the accounting operations.Sometimes auditors are included in the staff of the enterprise, but most company hires auditing company with the aim of finding ways to reduce taxes and increase profits.Accountant who knows the "kitchen" and the legislation may be an expert in such work.