Work in the Federal Security Service: How to get?

FSB, as the organization performing counterintelligence and intelligence functions, as well as fighting crime and terrorism, there is already eighteen years old.Her famous predecessors - the Cheka, NKVD, KGB, from which she took over the baton.Incidentally, the current president, Putin was the second in a row the director of the state structures.

work at the FSB - is the dream of many.Employment security service promises as an interesting activity and prospects of career growth.An employee of the government agencies may become a citizen of Russia, who has foreign citizenship, has a high level of personal and professional qualities.Candidates for FSS employees need to provide a number of documents to the local security services: application, curriculum vitae, a special form, identity card, passport, military ID, certificate of civil status (birth, marriage, adoption, name changes, etc.).The process of examining the data of the applicant takes an average of three months, after which an employee of the personnel department gives it a final decision.

Jobs FSB has its pluses and minuses.Its specificity is that every employee should keep secret all information relating to his occupation, and to be prepared to ensure that all the details of his life are known to the authorities.Work in the Federal Security Service, judging by the reviews of some former employees it often requires a challenging and at times boring "paper" work, and the level of salaries does not suit many people.Employees must comply with the rules, the violation of at least one of them threatened with dismissal.Sometimes the work of the FSB requires that the person has learned to "live in someone else's skin", cleverly pretending to be who he is not.It is necessary in the implementation of a terrorist or criminal gangs - to gather information or liquidation of some members of an illegal organization.

So, how to get a job at the FSB?The answer to this question comes in part from what is written above.Firstly, the applicant for a job at this facility should only have Russian citizenship.One of the most important requirements - higher education candidate security personnel.Further, the applicant must not have a criminal record.Be sure to pass a thorough medical examination of his mental and physical condition.Then checked all the data of both the applicant and his family.It presented a number of regulatory requirements for physical fitness of the candidate - in particular, it should catch more than a dozen times on the bar to run a kilometer of a maximum of four minutes and twenty five seconds.Apply particularly thorough approach to the assessment of personal qualities - speed thinking, communication skills, the level of intelligence, psychological related posts.

So, before you go to work for the FSB, the need to pass a comprehensive test.The results are entered into a private matter candidate.