Occupation tax inspector: description and responsibilities.

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Occupation tax inspector on everyone's lips.Someone with a sinking heart, utters these words, and the other wants to be in his place.Indeed, the work is very prestigious and desirable.This material contains basic information about the profession.

Tax inspector - who is he?

For a start it should be noted that this employee of state agencies, whose responsibilities include the possession of large amounts of information, analytics and the ability to frequent visits, business trips.Tax inspector - a position of an employee who monitors the timeliness and completeness of revenues collected from all categories of the population.

first mention of inspectors can be found in the Bible, only the taxes were called "tithing."


Tax inspector, whose duties are defined by law, should be engaged in a test of different enterprises, a summary of the financial statements and accounting, to seek clarification of taxpayers.

Its jurisdiction also includes the ability to use financial sanctions against the violators.Inspector Tax Service has a number of responsibilities that he must carry out qualitatively.These include:

  • monitoring of compliance with tax laws;
  • attract taxpayers to liability;
  • knowledge of constitutional law and tax law;
  • verification of financial documents for concealment of payments;
  • awareness of economic enterprises with which it deals;
  • implementation of on-site inspections as well as sample checks;
  • analysis of the results;
  • imposition of penalties;
  • observance of impartiality;
  • record keeping;
  • advice for citizens;
  • collection, investigation and analysis of large amounts of information of a financial nature;
  • drafting documents bearing a financial nature (reports, sales contracts, etc.).

Tax inspector - a kind of a unique profession, because the list of duties includes many items that require the Executive certain skills and abilities.

Qualities required for the profession

Tax inspector, whose responsibilities have a large range, and must possess a number of qualities needed to cope with their work.It:

  • ability for analytical thinking;
  • long focus;
  • attention to detail;
  • emotional stability;
  • impartiality;
  • honesty;
  • responsibility;
  • confidence;
  • ability to defend their opinion;
  • diligence;
  • demanding of themselves and others;
  • order thinking;
  • ability to make quick decisions;
  • painstaking;
  • a good memory;
  • ability to generalize;
  • diligence when working with documents.

history profession

In order to understand where did the profession of state tax inspector, you need to look into the distant past.In ancient times, kings and lords of all people charged with a variety of duties to ensure the existence of the state and the court of the king.

These fees are called "Myto" - the fee, the fee.Therefore, people in Russia have long been a profession called "tax collectors".It can be concluded that the tax inspector initially engaged exclusively in collecting funds from the population.

In the XVIII century, these workers began to call the Attorney (from "confiscating").The chief tax inspector at the time served as the collection of money, and those who did not pay, wrote denunciations Peter I. King has introduced a special rite for it, which was called "the spy chief."After which the word appeared, and a new meaning - "telltale".Later, in order to avoid further estimates the position was renamed the tax inspector.


This is a very prestigious job.Tax inspector - a position whose main components: stability, high wages, full benefits package, constant communication.

In addition, the main advantage of the inspector profession is that all of its representatives - civil servants.From which it follows that tax officials will never lose its relevance and will always be protected by the state.The advantages include the fact that it is one of the most popular professions, as good a master of his craft will always be needed.

is worth paying attention to the fact that the person who gives advice to others, always can help yourself.Possession of knowledge of law and finance is essential in everyone's life.

also applies the basic advantages of the profession and a high salary.The size of the salary - one of the largest among the positions that is considered to be low cost.

And, of course, the representatives of this profession has its own festival.Day tax inspector in Russia is celebrated annually on November 21.


To become a good taxman, you must understand all the disadvantages of the profession:

  • large amount of information that you want to remember;
  • lot of routine work with documents;
  • high level of responsibility;
  • frequent changes in legislation;
  • possible frequent trips that usually interferes with family people.

Tax inspector - it is a very difficult profession that requires constant concentration.We can not relax even for a day, so not everyone copes with such a position.The drawbacks are not so many, especially if you consciously chose this path.

Position requires careful attention to detail, continuous learning and a lot of time.

Speaking of shortcomings, and it should be noted that there has long been a dislike of tax inspectors.Therefore, the people of this profession are often abused for no reason, are afraid and unflattering about them revoked.The profession is inherent and a certain psychological tension.

And most importantly, that the shortcomings highlighted in this prestigious work - its monotony and almost complete lack of diversity.

Work places

State tax inspector has a small selection of places of work.Many of them are low cost.This narrow range of companies, which includes the office of the tax inspectorate, the Federal Tax Inspectorate, some government agencies that collect funds from individuals and legal entities.

However, it is important to remember that a degree, you are not limited to the above list of jobs.As a person who has the skills of state tax inspector, you conquer all professions related to law, economics and even politics.

Tax inspector: where to study?

In order to master the skill, you need a university degree, which is prepared on the economic and financial departments of universities.As well as special professional, which is given in accounting and credit technical school on branch "Tax".

best universities produce brilliant Russian specialists.You can enroll in training:

  • Academy of economic safety of the Russian Interior Ministry;
  • Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Finance (MESI);
  • Russian Economic Academy named after Plekhanov;
  • Russian Trade and Economic University (and its affiliates).

But if you have a natural ability, predisposition to the profession, any economic or legal education will open doors for you in the sphere of taxation.


During training, you can dramatically change your personality.The university will give you a good theoretical basis, but there are some skills that you must develop your own.Some of these are discussed below.

Occupation tax inspector includes such skills as the knowledge of the tax laws.However, university teachers will be able to provide you with only a small part of the theory, because the laws are amended every day.You have to train yourself to daily monitoring of news in the main areas, particularly relating to your activities.

also show you the basics of drawing up tax documentation, various reports.To practice and to bring to the automaticity skills you need to be yourself.Universities future tax inspectors to talk about how to navigate the basics, types and forms of accounting.But to study this matter will also have their own.

Speaking about professional ethics, you explain everything in theory, but should be able to correctly apply their knowledge in practice.

Additional features

State Tax Inspector should have higher education in the legal, economic or financial field.A man of this profession requires some additional skills.We must remember that right after graduation, you do not become the chief tax collector of the country.This is a very complex and versatile profession that requires daily work on yourself.Often, all beginners start in small services, and their job is monotonous and routine work with documents.It should be seen as an irreplaceable experience and transition in building their careers.

representatives of the profession are essential in the development of the state.After all, they see to it that tax collection was held as honestly and impartially.These funds supplement the state budget.They also perform the function of providing state institutions.Therefore, the taxman on his shoulders great responsibility, which can withstand not everyone.In fact, from his honest work it depends on whether or not to give the government a decent life for its citizens.

Occupation Inspector has many aspects that need to pay attention before the start of their education.After weighing all the pros and cons, you should clearly know whether you afford such a difficult and demanding to the candidate position.

Career and Salary

Get a higher or special education needs every tax inspector.Where to study - at a university or college, it does not matter if you become a good professional.Since the position of the state, the chances to find a job you very much.Occupation has an average level of demand, but good people are always needed.

salary is quite high, in addition, the tax authorities are provided with bonuses, holiday pay, preferential payments, allowances.They have an excellent benefits package.

in this area clearly visible career prospects.Since the structure itself is very complex and multi-level, tax inspectors start by ordinary post.Then I have a chance to take the post of head of department.This may be followed as chief inspector of the district.But having conquered the city life, you can go to the All-Russian level.