Volgograd was the name before?

City, which played a major significant role in the history of Russia today - a metropolis with a population of over a million people.This article will help to make an excursion into the history of the city and to answer questions as they used was called Volgograd. During its history it changed its name twice.

How did the Volgograd

What was the name before and how developing cities?It was founded in the late 16th century, but many researchers believe that the settlement existed for a long time, even in the days of the Mongol-Tatar yoke.Along with Samara and Saratov, Tsaritsyn city founded as a fortress garrison military Cossacks and local warlord Gregory Zasyekins at the behest of Ivan the Terrible after the conquest of the kingdom of Astrakhan Moscow state.The region was an active trade with the littoral areas, so there is an urgent need for security traders, Driven money and goods for trade Volga route, from nomad raids.The fortress guarded round the clock archers who from watchtowers garrison raised the alarm.

City Development

Volgograd was called before, before 1925?Until that time it was called Tsaritsyn.Rapidly developing cities began after moving to the right bank of the great Russian river Volga after the final victory over the wild hordes.Its inhabitants differed vivacity and enterprising, so of paramilitary settlements on the outskirts of the state quickly took Tsaritsyn guise merchant city.But in the next century, its history is often popularly called Tsaritsyn "Ponizova outlaws", as in the Lower Volga were going to runaway slaves and peasants from all over Russia.In the history preserved the names of famous heroes, fighters for the free people of habitation - Stepan Razin, Kondrat Bulavin, Emelyan Pugachev.

As its name Volgograd

What was the name used to the city and what is the history of each of its name - does not know everything.Those who are not strong in history, certain that Tsaritsyn was named in honor of the Empress Catherine the Great.This is an incorrect assumption, even though he is obliged by converting it from uzkovoennogo settlements in the rapidly developing city.And the name arose because of a small river to the Queen, from which there were only a few springs.But five centuries ago, the channel of the river was full, and it is quite rapidly carried his clay water in the Volga.For the color of the Mongol-Tatars began to call the river Sary-Su, which means "yellow water".Later this name was perceived by the ear as a queen, hence the first name of the city.

The earliest mention of the fortress of Tsaritsyn relate to 1589, so since then, this date is considered the official, and it is with it traces its history Volgograd.What was the name before this city and where did the first name, you now know.

Early 20th century

during the October Revolution and the Civil War, the city was at the crossroads of fighting between the Red and White armies.White Guards who seized the city, very severely dealt with was captured Red fighters - they chopped checkers.Great damage was done town: residential, cultural-domestic buildings razed to the ground, removed damaged water and sewage systems as well as power, almost destroyed by industrial enterprises.This was followed by the restoration of the city.First launched industry giants: Steel, lumber, woodworking factories, established after the line hosiery knitting and garment factories, built and launched the food industry.

second title

As previously called Volgograd (1925-1961)?In 1925, the city changed its name to Tsarina Stalingrad.Of course, this renaming is associated with Stalin, who since 1922 was General Secretary of the Communist Party.At this point, the city had 112 thousand people, he was nineteenth place in terms of population among cities in Russia.Two years later, it has a population of 140 thousand, which was the impetus for the grand residential construction.

In the future, the city, like the entire country as a whole, develop in the direction of industrialization.It was built the country's first tractor factory, and "Red October" - metallurgical plant - began to produce high-quality steel.

war but the war knocked the ground from under the feet of all the subjugated.From its first days of Stalingrad it turned into the largest arsenal in the south-eastern Russia.Plants smoothly produced and repaired tanks, ships, machines.The city was formed by the division of the national militia and eight battalions.Huge scale has reached a defensive construction.Railway lines were constructed, played a huge role in supplying the troops.Since 1942, the regular reflected in Stalingrad enemy air raids by the local defense.

City toiled and fought in spite of the fascist invaders, ripping off Hitler's plans.The enemy command sent to Stalingrad their choice forces.If they managed to break the main striking concentration of troops, it would have significantly changed the course of battles.But Stalingrad stubbornly resisted the onslaught, its heroic resistance helped Soviet troops to move into a decisive offensive.Defeat the enemy, the Soviet army created the conditions for radical change the entire course of the war.At the turn of Stalingrad the enemy was not only stopped, but also crushed physically and mentally.


legendary Battle of Stalingrad was left behind, turning the town into ruins.In memory of this famous battle erected a memorial complex on Mamayev Kurgan with the world famous monument "The Motherland Calls!", Became a symbol of the city.He consecutive nine years, its height - 55 meters, weight - 8,000 tons, the complex is a part of the Seven Wonders of Russia.The monument is visible from all over town.

As previously called Volgograd?Until 1961, he wore the proud name of Stalingrad, but, despite the historical significance of the name, the country's authorities have decided to rename the city, giving it the name of the third - Volgograd, due to geographical location.According to historians, this idea was put forward in order to deal with the cult of Stalin's personality.

So you met with a brief history of the city and are now able to answer any question about how formerly known as the city of Volgograd.