How should look like the Hosts file in Windows

System folder of any operating system is for the average user "dark forest".If you are not sure that the problem lies with the computer it is in it, then it is better not to touch anything there and give the opportunity to deal with malfunctions professionals.Today we will talk about what the threat carries a one small and inconspicuous text file.How should look like a file Hosts?How to distinguish it from the virus?


To start let's see what kind of a beast - Hosts?This file is responsible for blocking Internet pages and redirection of ip-addresses.If you register a web address of an Internet resource, then the computer user will not be able to visit a blocked site or be redirected to another specified in the file link.

In fact, this file is used by most system administrators to disable on the social networks for employees, as well as for the organization of parental controls and block unwanted sites for children.So if you can not get to any resource from your computer, be sure to first check the contents of the file, which we'll talk a little further.So how the file looks Hosts?

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what determines the validity of the file and its accessory system, and not a virus - it is its contents.Or rather, the text written in it.How should look like the Hosts file in Windows 7 and other operating systems from within?

studied by us to open the file, use the "Notepad".Before you will be presented English-language guide on the use of this tool.It consists of 20 lines, starting with "#" character.That's about the contents:

  • first line written right on the OS.1993 -... - year existence of Microsoft.The second number is the release date of your OS.You can verify the authenticity of the file by right-clicking on "My Computer - Properties".There you can find the version and release date of OS.They must be the same file.
  • Then there are 10 lines, explains why there is this file.
  • Finally, examples of how to register the lock.


file location also plays an important role.As the file is considered by us to perform its function, if it is not in the appropriate folder?

So, how should look the Hosts file, and where it should be located.Depending on the version of the operating system it may be in different folders, but it will always be original system Windows:

  • for Win98 and ME file "Hosts" is located in the root of C: \ WINDOWS.
  • In WinXP, and later Hosts located in the following directory: C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC.It is located a working version of a file if you have a backup of the system occurs or she initially contains several switchable versions and patches.Then you might find a second, similar copy of the file, but it will also be in the system folder.


What is the correct file Hosts?Its size as originally defined.If you open and saw only what was described in the previous paragraph, if the file size is equal to 824 bytes.Either it will be empty if there removed the instructions.

Any deviation assumes that the file was written anything other than comments.On the one hand, it may be listed by system administrators to sites.However, when it comes to your home computer and you are absolutely sure that no one with him "Tinkering" is worth thinking about, not whether this file is a virus.

The main thing - remember that none of antivirus software does not work with the file Hosts.More precisely, the security software block the possibility of changing the program file from an unknown manufacturer.Thus, no one without your consent can not bring back any of the information, to block access to favorite sites, or worse, to redirect you to a copy of the desired portal, where you can inadvertently enter their personal data, which later fall to the attackers.But if it happened, then urgently check your computer for viruses.


Now you know how to look the file Hosts.Another is to figure out how it should not look like.

  • This file is not hidden, that is, by going to the System folder in which it is located, you can always see it.If he tries to disguise, it is at least a sign of virus activity.
  • If you find it in a folder, in addition to the above, remove, and it reappears, it also should be alerted.

Among other things, the question of how the file should look Hosts, can help to register.The fact that the file path is prescribed in very specific directory, and thus it is possible to determine whether the file that you found true or false (the virus).

  1. To see the location of the "Hosts" in the registry, start a command prompt and type in regedit.
  2. Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ Tcpip \ Parameters
  3. clicking on the folder options, looking to the right.The list of parameters we are interested DataBasePath.It is registered in it the way to true file Hosts.Any deviation from this path means that you found a file is malware, too.

That's all.We dismantled all the characteristics and identified as the Hosts file should look like in reality.