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buying in stores brandy or whiskey, wine or honey, tea or coffee blends, we do not think about what goes into a product, acquired by us.We appreciate its taste.

But before becoming a perfect taste, many foods are subjected to blending.

word blending or blend is derived from the French word coupage, coupager, indicating the mixing in certain ratios of different foods.We are talking about tea, coffee, wine, whiskey, etc.Blending is carried out to improve the taste, aroma, presentation, to ensure homogeneity.For example, to produce a harmonious composition of the tea should be about two dozen varieties of tea.Blending
honey improves the taste, aroma and appearance.For blending juices mixed about 80% of the primary juice, by adding thereto a 20% juice-improvers.Before blending them clarified.Approximately as blended wine.Blending is carried out to give the guilt of certain indicators of acidity, sugar and alcohol.For blending brandies used Cognacs from different supplies in time and exposure, sugar syrup

, Kohler, spirited water.It sets the ideal percentage of trial by blending.

But how exactly to determine that percentage should be subjected to blending?The answer to all these questions blender.Its mission - to capture all the flavors that are part of the product, having considered their relationship to the future with absolute accuracy once created to recreate the taste.

In order to become a blender, you must be born with such a gift, and constantly develop it, learning the recipe, preparation technology, state standards, medodiki analyzes and more.You need to know all about the raw materials, drinks, materials for their manufacture.This knowledge is necessary for the correct, clear and competent conducting blending processes.In other words, a balance of science, practice and talent.

Average Occupation blenders will not name.It is an art that requires the master is not a simple connection of ingredients, and the choice of ideal components to each other, which together will make tea, coffee, wine or whiskey into a masterpiece.

art of blending is not taught anywhere else.This can be learned only having an excellent sense of smell, giving himself to training, working under the supervision of an experienced blenders and improving from year to year.

It is these high standards for excellence make it a profession for the elite.

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