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in fashion clothing and footwear comes time off-season - new collection still on the way, and live in anticipation of the current sales.Summer - the best time to pay attention to the creation of designers and jewelers.

Here are five fashion jewelry brands, gaining popularity in Russia today.

Hours of Icelink, one of the three major jewelry brands of the American hip-hop, along with Jacob & amp; Co and Tiret.

most the hit model - Clock Six Time Zone - already emblazoned on the arms of many stars of show business.In addition, the brand founder Andy Soghoyan "friendly families" with the Black Eyed Peas, which equips completely - he is the author of the famous diamond tiara sticks and Fergie.

Articles made of pearls by Mauboussin.For a long time among the "pearl of brands" was dominated by the Japanese with their processing technologies.

However, the French brand Mauboussin changed this stereotype by offering, unlike the Japanese, cheerful and bright combination of natural pearls, diamonds and other precious stones.

skeletons and animals from Lydia Courteille.

Genre animalism and skulls quite dangerous for a designer - there is a risk to create the most mediocre collection.But Lydia Courtalain both get a very sincere and beautiful, with a bit of humor and irony.

Still other skeletons and animal lovers, designers from Hong Kong Diamond Tree.As close to the financial center of Asia leaves its mark - the collection correspond to the latest trends of Asian design, or rather, the best and the richest trends.

Separately worth noting the designers love to the tree - ring made of precious woods with a diamond frog looks very impressive.

Gothic diva Loree Rodkin has already won the hearts of many lovers and lovers of beauty for its massive rings on the entire finger, and in some cases, and for the rest of the hand.

With her creations do not leave Karl Lagerfeld, Natalia Vodianova and other respected people.

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