"Cheerful" dream: to laugh in a dream - to tears?

Grandmothers say that tears portends a dream.Laughing in a dream - to cry really.Is it always so?Are all sources agree with that?It turns out that not all that bad.Gypsy Seraphim convinced that this is a very positive dream.Laughing in a dream - to be a light-hearted advice, see the positive side of his life.Then decorate it with bright light for attracting to you the honest and kind people.

carefree laughter

If you are happy to some event or laugh responded to a joke - what does this dream?Laughing in a dream - success in business.Yet this merry way predict what your doing fine.The ancient dream interpretation differently interpret the dream.According to this source, laughing in a dream - to tears.For a night of fun in life may follow the sad events that are very sadden you.Granny's dream book says that this dream will predict that you will lose the rest.Life will spring forward like a horse galloping, alternating good and bad events, like a kaleidoscope.You will have to spend a lot of forces in time to respond to all: to get rid of negativity, get lucky.

other people laugh

Become a witness of another fun - that is the dream?Laughing in a dream in the company - a pleasant pastime.Just seeing people laughing - you are discussing.If good fun, beautiful - so you are talking praise.When you see that laughter is sarcastic or angry - about you go terrible rumors.Keep an eye to the people who trust their secrets.Not all of them are pure and sincere with you.

What does it mean to laugh in his sleep on someone

value of this vision depends on the person who called you or the people around them ridicule.If you - to shame or disappointment.Enjoy your man - behind you discuss your friendship or love affair.Discussions of these no good you will not do, as being "evil tongues".And when laughing over your enemies, that you are such a dream?Laughing in his sleep over the enemy - a collision with him."Fight" is unexpected and brutal.Most likely, the victory will be yours.If you laugh at yourself, then wait for the shock.

hysterical laughter

This dream suggests that you are very tired.The last time your nerves were on edge, which, of course, affected the state of the whole organism.You need a vacation.And what is too nervous to laugh in his sleep?Dreams Hasse interprets the image as a warning: someone wants to harm you.Caution should be your constant companion for some time.


If you see a snide smile on the faces of others, then your reputation is at stake.His thoroughly "vilify" behind your back.It is necessary to bring spitpoisons to clean water so as not to suffer from their efforts.Himself giggle - to the embarrassment in dealing with higher officials.You can avoid some mistake, which later will come out to your side.Try to behave modestly.

As you can see, not all dream of laughter - to tears!But the good, according to all sources, is considered to be a dream in which the happy sounds of children's laughter.He promises prosperity and good luck!