Colonization what?

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In the history of many ancient States occupies an important place colonization.What is colonization?It is internal and external.Resettlement of people and economic development of vacant land within their own country - it is an internal colonization.What is the foreign colonization?This migration to the territory of foreigners in order to capture the land, often intertwined with the violent subjugation of the local population or the destruction, but can be peaceful.

Colonization what a colony?The settlement of people in the opponent's territory.Country or city, which left migrants, called the metropolis (from Greek - "city of the mother").


first colonization of foreign lands began to capture the Phoenicians.They followed the Greeks began to establish colonies.The flowering of Greek activities falls on the VIII - VI century BC - is the Great Greek colonization.Thanks to the Greek world spread to large areas, and the people living in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, experienced the influence of the culture of the Greeks.

What are the causes of colonization?

One reason was the crisis, which is reflected in the lack of fertile land, and in the reduction of food resources, since the population is constantly growing.The worsening situation was due to the custom that existed at that time, inherited the land was divided equally among the sons.Section on small plots at the population explosion has led to what to feed their owners, they could not.Therefore, the land had to sell his rich neighbors or relatives.

Society tried to find ways to solve problems.The first output seen in a more efficient use of land and the expansion of business due to their forested areas.But to increase yields needed to improve the quality of tools, as stony soil is not easy to handle.The second - a foreign expansion, which can be peaceful or violent.For example, an endless series of wars unfolded when Sparta and Argos wanted to forcibly take away the land from the neighbors.Opponents were equally strong, so nobody won a victory.On this basis, the Greeks went peacefully colonization.

stages of colonization

first appeared small settlements, mainly in the field of regular trade with the locals.They are often located on small islands off the coast.It serves to protect the first settlers from the sudden attack of the barbarians, and at the same time made it possible to conduct trade with them.

large number of Greek colonies were based in estuaries that serve as a convenient harbors or controlled straits seas.

decisive phase of colonization occurred when large numbers of immigrants began to settle in the reconquered territory or withdrawn peacefully from the barbarians.Most of the colonists were not merchants, and farmers interested in maximum coverage of fertile land.

main mass of settlers began peasants without land.Each settler received a plot of land in its use, as well as land for construction of houses.Civil law had only the first settlers and their descendants, and they were endowed with much larger and more fertile than those who arrived later colonists.

u send the Greeks began a diverse and complex relationship with the local barbaric population.Most settlers, dropping off to a foreign land, met hostile to them locals.They had to resort to arms.But there are also peaceful meeting at which the barbarians derive maximum benefit for themselves in contact with the Greek merchants, borrowing particle of Greek culture and way of life.

Greece before selecting

Most likely, in the beginning of VIII century BC, the crisis of the demographic and social situation in Greece has reached the highest point, and the society was faced with a choice: either the Civil War with forced land redistribution, or withdrawal of the "extra"people outside the policy.Often the question of how much of the population will leave their homeland, accompanied by the power and strife.The party, which was defeated, boarded the ships and go in search of new territories to settle.Often, the government itself resorted to the policy of a discharged situation and ease tensions by establishing colonies.

Northern Black Sea coast and colonization

What is the kingdom of Bosporus?In the north of the Black Sea, on the present territory of Ukraine and Russia the Greeks established many colonies.One of them - the kingdom of Bosporus - a powerful state, which had vast fertile land with a rich harvest of grain.

The reserve of Sevastopol you can see the ruins of the buildings of the Greek city of Chersonese, archaeologists unearthed wander through the ancient streets.

City Olbia (Happy) - another ancient monument of culture of the Greeks.This city is visited during the journey, in search of information about the Scythians father of history, Herodotus.