How to make a girl to run after you, or Learning to speak and to attract attention

Heard recent conversation between two tineyzhderov.A friend asks: "How to make a girl running after you?I'm just not doing that, it does not even look in my direction. "And I had some time to think about how bad the teens and some adults who speak the language.Running athletes at the stadium, children run in the yard, the dog runs for the host.If you want the latter, then, in addition to the desire to attract the attention of friends to himself as a "male", the other senses you are not experiencing.But samorealizovyvatsya due attention to the girl somehow not manly.Should I run to the girl?Are you look so much like a dog?It may be better to just take care of it.My daughter heard such arguments, outraged: "If a guy is interested in how to make a girl to run after you, he just decides to look after him or not.Only today do not say. "I myself know that today, many are trying to cover up the true feelings rudeness, indifference, contempt.To the question "what to do to the girl ran," and I want to answer: bring her to the stadium.But, realizing that many young people are embarrassed to show interest, yet try to give some tips on how to attract the attention of girls.Or, in the language of teenagers, "how to make a girl to run after you."

Council first.Start with yourself

First of all, look in the mirror.Rumpled shirt, unwashed hair, jeans stained.Would you like to meet a girl?Quoting myself up, and only then to build the appropriate course of action.

Council second.Never abandon

Try to learn to understand the subtext.After all, the girl uttered "no" can have at least five values.She says she is busy today.Smile, nod and replied, "Well, we both know that your case - just an excuse."Even refused, do not give up, do not become limp.Be confident and persistent (but not intrusive).Girls love these.

Tip Three.Whether it interesting

to exclude from the beginning of his speech an expression with which we began.Even alone with best friends do not say phrases such as "how to make a girl to run after you."Believe me, when he heard that expression, she immediately starts to bypass your seventh road.It is better to be interested in their outlook, an authority in a circle of friends, the ability to understand.What are you interesting in itself than the more respect you use, the sooner reach the goal.Be strong, not whiny or rude.Intriguing.I will lead the conversation in a way that she realized that now you ask her out.And you instead, charming smile, and glancing at his watch, visit, it's time to escape the case.

Tip Four.Learn to listen and hear

Even using the same phrase, the girls can express completely different thoughts.One message that she was invited to a meeting, it may be a call (not let me!), An attempt to test your reaction (Well, what are you gonna do?) Or the intention to find out how you hard man.Therefore, one girl is quite satisfied with the answer: "Just remember, I'm with you I will not run!"The other is better to ask to move a date to go to the movies with you.A third say anything not necessary, to appear in her home before the one who invited (in reality or only in dreams) her out.And then just walk away.

Tip Five.Chief

not make a Woman "run."Fall in love with her, and she will fall in love with you.