Mediation in the Internet as a business

Online stores have long ceased to be a rarity.More and more people buy clothes, household chemicals and equipment over the Internet.But to make a sales network through absolutely no investment.One has only to be patient and not pay attention to minor setbacks.Mediation on the Internet today - it's a very profitable business.

Where to start?

huge number of wholesale stores with clothes, shoes and articles of daily use have their own websites on the Internet.Here you can see the product, examine the price.In real time, you can immediately place an order.The problem is that you can only buy goods in large lots.The mediator's goal - to find a group of buyers and make a wholesale purchase.It turns out that in order to become a mediator, we just need to find suitable wholesalers who offer to purchase goods at a reasonable price.

very popular today are the sites that offer to buy shoes in bulk.People are willing to buy boots, boots and shoes without trying them.It involves primarily low price.But buy any wholesale stock can only Rostovka (at least 5 different sizes).That is, the mediator must find buyers at a certain size.

same is true about the clothes.The most common warehouse offers to purchase a certain model of dress or pants in several sizes.Only some firms set the minimum value.Here you can buy all sorts of things with different sizes.The minimum purchase amount must not be less than 5,000 rubles, for example.

Where to look for potential buyers?

Mediation Network - a lucrative business.But the return is really great if you can find a lot of potential buyers.Plus, such a lesson in the fact that you can engage in sales not only within the same region, but also throughout the country.In order to find potential customers, you first need to create your own account on the social network.You should not be limited to one "Classmates".On this site you can often find customers became generation.Young people prefer "VKontakte".

There are also bulletin boards, where you can post information about items sold.Joint purchases today are very popular.More and more people seek to save money by purchasing goods through intermediaries.A separate topic can be created in several forums.The more sources of information, the higher the earnings.

create a photo album

All merchandise that will be offered to potential buyers, it should be systematized.You can create an online album, which will be attended by all the pictures with description of sold shoes, clothing or household items.A potential customer can simply send a link to your site.Man can independently explore the range and variety of do not ask too many questions.

those who want to seriously engage in mediation, have to learn to work in "Photoshop".The technology does not allow the house to give information about the wholesale warehouse from which the goods supplied.The problem is that the "family" photo product may have a link to the wholesale site.Before you put your own picture in the album, all foreign labels and watermarks have to erase.This can be done only with a photo editor.

How many will be able to earn?

mediation as a business can be quite lucrative.It all depends on the percentage that can be taken for their services.Too high, however, it can not be.If the wrapping is more than 30%, the potential buyer is not willing to purchase goods blindly.Optimally to take for his work 10-20%.

Earnings depends on the range, which will be offered to potential buyers.It is necessary to agree to cooperate with a large number of wholesale warehouses.Some of the more clients interested in children's range, and someone will need women's clothing and shoes.It is worth considering that a large number of transactions also involves more work.We'll have all day to correspond with potential buyers and attend Transport for sending goods.

communicate with potential clients right

success of the transaction depends on how the vendor deals with a potential buyer.Not everyone is ready to acquire a thing blindly, even if it is much cheaper.No coincidence that many ask a lot of questions before you proceed directly to the purchase.Seller should informatively and courteously respond to each question.Earnings on mediation involves close communication with the customer.Therefore it is necessary to leave as much as possible the contact data.Many prefer to find out all the information on the phone.Therefore, a large income should not expect those who are considering mediation as an extra income.In context, it should be always and everywhere.

Mediation in the network can be too tedious for some.The problem is that not all potential buyers immediately decided on the deal.There are cases when a client asks a lot of questions, spends a lot of time on finding the necessary information and eventually refuses to buy.And with such people is to remain polite.Man, do not make a deal right now, be sure to do it later.You must cherish every his client.Only in this case the mediation as a business will be profitable.

Will the costs?

Initially mediation involves only a small amount of time.It is necessary to spend a few days of searching for the right wholesale warehouses, creating photo album with the goods and registration of accounts in social networks.Those who want to start making money faster and will have to spend as little money on advertising on the network.Every business needs advertising.Mediation on the Internet is no exception.Once there is a lot of positive feedback from customers, spending on advertising will have a lot less.

You have to be alert to the possibility that there may be unforeseen costs and also during operation.Mediation on the Internet involves the sale of goods without the possibility of returning.This is pre-warn their customers.But understanding and good people do not always occur.Often, buyers need to return the money if the product is purchased through an intermediary, did not come in shape or size.Such customer better to return the funds, so as not to spoil his reputation.

Payment for goods

Mediation in Internet involves cooperation with customers across the country.Discuss all the details of the transaction with a potential buyer can always call or email.How, then, to pay for the goods?It has long been a popular system of electronic payments.Buyer did not even need to leave home to transfer money to the seller.One need only go to the site of their financial institutions.

Before you do business, you need to open a bank account payments.It is better if this bill will always be accessible through a plastic card.The buyer can at any time to transfer money through the terminal.Seller can only send the required amount of wholesale warehouses, leaving himself percent for mediation.


today operates a huge number of transport companies, which can carry goods from point A to point B in a matter of days.Most often, shipping takes no more than three days.This service is paid by the buyer.It is much cheaper to get your purchase through a central post.But in this case, the delivery will be delayed for several days or even weeks.

Initially not too many buyers will trust the mediator and immediately transfer the money for the purchased goods.Therefore it is necessary to agree on cooperation with transport companies, which operate under the terms of COD.The buyer will pay for goods only when they see it live.But in this case the shipping will cost twice as much.

Mediation in sales from foreign sites

Overseas online stores often offer a quality product at an attractive price.The range is often several times greater.But many buyers stops the language barrier.They are willing to pay a premium of up to 20% of the value of the commodity intermediary to the transaction took place without problems.In fact, in order to make a booking on foreign websites, it is not necessary to be a polyglot.Today there are many online translators to help translate not only separate proposals, but also to entire blocks of information.Dealing with a foreign seller can also be assisted by an interpreter.

today are the most popular foreign sites such as "Taobao" and Eb ay.The first resource is the Chinese.Second - English.With the help of foreign trade platforms can acquire branded goods at the lowest price.

create your own website

When able to fully explore the concept of mediation and understand the nuances of the business, you can create your own website.Spinning it, you'll find more and more potential buyers.It is not necessary to create the resource using the free constructor.Creation and design of the site are best left to a professional.The cost of this service is, of course, there will be many.But the earnings increase to several times.

mediation as a business can be really profitable.We just need to devote all his time to his favorite occupation.It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that at the initial stage will not be output.Potential buyers will call and write at any time of the day.And what you say to the client expeditiously, the greater the likelihood that the transaction will be successful.