How to seal the boat from PVC yourself: features of

If you have a question about how to seal the boat from PVC own hands, so this article will be useful to you.Everyone knows that polyvinyl chloride - is a very common and practical, but short-lived material.So sometimes a boat made of PVC can be damaged.If the hole is large enough in the product, it is better not to take risks with independent repair and contact a professional.If the damage is not very big, you can try to rectify the situation.

so as to seal the boat from PVC?First, you need to pinpoint the fault location.To do this, you have to cheat a little product and lower it into the water.In the place where you will notice the bubbles, there is a hole.Next, using a marker pen or draw out a puncture.Basically, you can think of and other symbols.

to work you'll need some special glue and patches.Basically, if you bought the product at the store, the set had to get a repair kit.However, if you do not, you should get close to the boat in color and material quality.

Let's say you already know how

to seal the boat from PVC.Now you have the injury properly clean, dry and free of grease.With respect to the patch, it should be slightly larger than the hole.Usually it has an oval or circular shape.If you leave the corners of the patch, it can peel off accidentally.For degreasing of rubber can be used acetone.

If you do not know what glue to glue the PVC boat, you must choose one that is intended for manufacturing of PVC.If the hole is too big, it is necessary to carefully sew small stitches, and only then apply the patch.It should be noted that it is necessary to take two new pieces have been glued desirable both the external and the internal side.Although it will have to further cut the product.

determine how to seal the boat from PVC, a substance must be applied to the hole and give it a little dry.This way you further germetiziruete hole.Now you can apply a second layer of glue and apply the patch.Naturally, it is desirable to put under any load for 24 hours.During gluing, make sure that a patch that had no air.After repairing the boat should not let the water a couple of days.Before use, it is desirable to check the quality of gluing patches.For this purpose, place the repaired place under water, and the product must be inflated.If the bubble does not, then, the hole sealed with high quality.

If you are not sure that all procedures will be able to produce its own, it is better to trust the professionals.You may need to make any other procedures and overlapping patches is not enough.We must remember that repeated repair products is more difficult to do.The fact that you have to re-cleaned and prepare the injury site, and it is difficult to do.Now that you know how to properly seal the boat PVC.Good luck!