A simple haircut by: Spit using gum

On the streets, in parks, shopping malls, offices and other public places every day you can meet beautiful women with hairstyles of braids.Braided hair always looks elegant.I'd like to do something special, but not every girl manages to master the technique easily.There is a way out of any situation.Suffice it to purchase a set of conventional thin hair elastics and start training.

Spit is a twist - it is elegant

begin to learn best with hairstyles, simple in execution.Optional color create something special, doing complex manipulations.Weave braids using elastic bands are not necessarily associated with the occupation impossible, especially if it's a twist.It is really to make a beautiful hairdo, without using complicated techniques.

Such braid using rubber bands to create, acceptable to the owners of very long hair.For it requires only a few thin rubber bands, secure fixing hair during the day.

Step by Step:

  1. gather all hair into a low ponytail side.
  2. departing from the first gum to a distan
    ce of about 8 cm and attach another.
  3. between hair accessories should be divided into 2 equal parts.
  4. The resulting hole thread the tail.
  5. At the same distance (8 cm) to fix a new gum.
  6. Divide hair into 2 parts.
  7. thread the tail through the hole.
  8. Repeat the entire length of hair.

Beautiful Spit every day

Hairstyle ideal for girls who can not boast of thick hair, but the dream of a thick braid.It turns out magnificent weaving - a great everyday option.This braid (using gum) is performed in such a way:

  1. Gather hair into a high ponytail.
  2. divide it into 2 equal parts, and each of them - even at 2 strands.
  3. Connect the extreme right and left separate the hair into a ponytail.
  4. fix their band.
  5. To make the volume a bit removed from the hair accessory, straighten them.
  6. under the tail are unused strands.They need to be divided into two parts.Connect
  7. made earlier on the tail and attach a rubber band.
  8. Making the volume a little hair pulling.
  9. by weaving strands divided into two parts and put them on the rubber tail.
  10. move through the hair using this technique.

must be remembered that under the braided strands must be separated, and above it - to connect.Finally, you need to collect in one tail of all the hair and secure.The result of the effort will be the bulk Spit (using gum created).

recommendations for creating hairstyles

Every girl wants a haircut, like an expensive doll, beautiful and brilliant of the flattened hairs.To get a neat braid, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Rubber is better to buy in the kit.It is desirable to have a set of accessories, merging with hair color.Also, you need some colored thin elastics.
  2. Very convenient when creating hairstyles from Kos to use a comb with a sharp end (shpikul).
  3. should be monitored to weave not shifted, and moved to the central part of the head.
  4. newly captured strands for haircuts every time you need to carefully comb.
  5. remaining after netting a small tip is necessary to fix a rubber band.
  6. Spit should be a little stretch along the entire length, giving it extra volume.
  7. on hand to put a small amount of styling and slightly to hold them on the created hairstyle.
  8. Add a decorative accessory.

Dressy look every day - reality

If the art of weaving braids master to perfection, they become a reality:

  1. Daily beautiful hairstyle.
  2. Save time on visits to the salons.
  3. convenience, especially in bad weather or even the summer heat.
  4. Savings Barber.

On weekdays, you can create a simple hairstyle, and on holidays - interesting and unusual.After braids appropriate for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, New Year's meeting with friends.These hairstyles have no age restrictions, and do not lose relevance.Simple Spit by using rubber bands to create - a great solution for women who are just beginning to comprehend the skills of weaving.

Should I learn to braid hair

woman may think that learning takes a long time, and because it is never enough.In addition, the raised hands many women get tired quickly.On a mannequin, as is often shown in the video, of course, it is easy to create beauty.A itself to the touch and with an ever raised hands to do it much more difficult.

In the event of such considerations to think about the image of elegance, for whom everything happens.Beautiful Spit using rubber bands (pictured) - is clear evidence of style and excellent taste of its owner.These hairstyles - a great way to emphasize the charm and natural beauty, cause admiration of men and women.

not putting significant effort, you can create a beautiful hairstyle.Of course, someone you want to work out, but the results are worth it.Moreover, the Xhosa, using gum created - is mostly simple to carry haircut.