If the laptop is not charging ... What is the reason?

Users of laptops and netbooks recurrent problem - the laptop is not being charged.Sometimes it is due to several reasons, each of which requires careful consideration.Only then can we begin to address the problem, because not knowing what was going on, it's hard to fix something.

No voltage

Perhaps the simplest reason that the laptop is not being charged, is the absence of current in the socket.You can check it the most common way - to enable another device.For example, mobile phone charging.If nothing happens, then the voltage is not.Why could this be?The mass of options, all individually.For example, the old wiring and neighbors included a powerful tool.Or a power surge due to large-scale works with the electrical network in your home or neighborhood.

power supply and fault

It so happens that the computer is connected to a working outlet, still does not get the charge on the battery.Much of the problem in this case lies in the power supply.First, inspect it.If the lighting is not lit, and the laptop is not being charged, it is possible that the wire is interrupted.This often happens due to improper folding and twisting the power supply and its elements.In order to reliably ensure that the matter is a broken wire, simply rotate the plug in the socket for charging.If the lamp lights up on the block in position the cord, and then goes off, it means that he is still interrupted.Fix it is impossible to require a new charger.

If the lamp on the power supply is lit, and the laptop is not being charged, it means the problem is in the power supply.It is possible that a cable from the power supply box does not work, rickety nest, or the device itself fell into disrepair.This happens most often due to the fact that your computer is always plugged in.Or simply do not wire is removed from the socket.In this case, too, it is recommended to buy a new charger suitable model or a universal charger.

errors in the system and settings

Sometimes it happens that the laptop no longer be charged because of the failure in the settings.No external notice is impossible.Is that the control panel is missing the battery icon, you can not see whether a charge, how much interest there and other nuances of the power supply.To find out for sure what the reason - in the BIOS or the drivers, you need to install any software on your taste, which checks for updates drivers.If we update all utilities charge and did not appear, it is likely a problem in the BIOS.What should I do in this case?The direct way to go to master.Self BIOS setup in unskilled hands may reset all the settings in general and slow "death" of the laptop.In agony and torment.There are viruses that attack just the same BIOS, but because of their "work" is usually a laptop ceases to work.

What is not charging the notebook, knowledge is not enough to cope on their own?To go to the master!Only a specialist will tell you what happened to your computer and be able to fix it.Self Repair does not always give a positive result, and in some cases, on the contrary, finally finishing off the device.