Laptop - what is it?

in 1968, Alan Kay, as head of the research center of the company Xerox, has put forward the idea of ​​a miniature computer with a flat screen and the ability to work in a wireless network.

Laptop - what is it?

Notebook.That is how it is translated to all the familiar name.But what lies behind the words?What are the differences from the conventional concept of a "computer"?Let's face it.

The very first thing you should pay attention - this value is "portable."As an adjective the English word "laptop" is translated as "nakolenny" that is the hallmark of a conventional desktop computer - "desktop" (table).Miniature laptop, the price of which is significantly higher than the stationary counterparts, has a significant advantage - mobility and comfort in use.

practical and convenient device

So what looks like a miniature computer?In general, the laptop - it's from the perspective of a simple layman?Principle of the laptop, and it is this name can be applied to the laptop, is the identity used by the hardware components of a computing device with a noticeable difference in the size of parts used.

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you see critically different arrangement of components.It also radically changed the moments associated with the use of cooling.Sometimes the impossibility of improving the hardware of the laptop - replacing a more powerful processor, graphics card, etc.., - Put the mobile devices at a disadvantage.But the small size and user comfort all deficiencies reduce the "no"!

Modern laptop - what is it?

Today in the world of microelectronics technology have reached the highest point of development.To date, no one should be surprised touchscreen notebook or holographically projected keyboard.Therefore, a modern laptop every year more and more evolving user surprising, and sometimes new features introduced in the state laptop bewilderment.

Laptop - a modern design and functionality of the device as comfortable as possible, astounding technical and system characteristics, multipurpose use and versatility in use.Human genius surpassed ever imagine!

used laptop - what it is: an urgent need or whim of fashion trends?

Modern man without a laptop - it is extremely difficult to present the image.The success of mobility and permanent control - essential elements of the business life of many.The time now - is the most expensive currency of global importance!The unique converter is a currency and a laptop.Man with laptop and open access to the Internet are always aware of what is happening, has the ability to manage the huge flow of information, to coordinate the actions of various directions, effectively analyzes and adjusts multifaceted process management anticipates unfavorable moments and time to carry out the necessary measures.Without all this a successful business life is doomed.The conclusion is simple, laptop - it stimulated the invention, which is not just simplify some aspects of vital activity and qualitatively affect the overall effectiveness of the course of action.