Black-and-white floor in the interior: the methods of calculations.

For people who love the severity of the interior, fit a black and white floor.This option, recalling the chessboard, will create an atmosphere of harmony, originality and solidity.

Floor material

Thinking of floors in black and white, most are just a stone and ceramic hob.These variants are distinguished by their high service life and reliability.However, if the floor without heating in the winter with this material will be very cold.To avoid this, it is recommended to use PVC-tiles.This black-and-white floor will be a little hard or soft squares of linoleum.

warmest option of flooring - laminate.When using tiles made from this material, you can create beautiful and original compositions.

Options laying

Different materials can be placed in certain ways.There are plenty of options to help you create a beautiful, underwhelming interior.

  • Chess order.The most popular type of installation.This option can be called a classic, it is suitable to any style of interior.As a rule, black-and-white floor, laid out in a checkerboard pattern, is most often found in expensive, rigorous and minimalist interior.This solution can be used as packing in small and in large areas of the premises.

  • diagonal checkerboard pattern.For tiny kitchens and bathrooms as the best option would be to put in black and white floor in a diagonal manner.This styling is visually expand the room and adjust it.This design course will create a feeling of great spaciousness.

  • Paul "herringbone" and vrazbezhku.The first version is also slightly increase the room.For such calculations necessary to use a small tile rectangular or square shape.The second option - vrazbezhku - quite comfortable.With it, you can hide errors in the layout of the room.

Black and white bathroom floor

The bathroom is a classic interior design.However, if you wish, you can experiment with the form of tiles.For example, not to use in the form of a square, and hexagon.It is also possible to alternate the two species together.Get a nice decoration which will please the eye.

The bathroom is suitable masonry "zebra".It is a repetition of the white and black stripes.Effectively will look monotonous sex with contrasting pattern in the center.

If you can not use a tile, you can make the floor in white and add black mat.This focus is not exactly go unnoticed.

Kitchen in black and white

Black and white kitchen floor (photo of the interior are a delight) perfect harmony with the white furniture.If desired, in order to install a small color contrast, you can use the countertop dark.Walls, in turn, must be made creamy, pastel, white or gray.In principle, it could be any, but not much brighter shade.

furniture, as mentioned above, it is advisable to buy white, but perfectly suited as gray and black versions.

Sex in a color version combines well with wood.This decision does not make a strong impression, but it can also be used.

floor in black and white fills the room a special energy, so use it with any bright colors impossible.In this case, the interior is too flashy and heavy.

kitchen interior

Through special floor finish and interior decor, black and white floor, a photo of which can be found in the article, will look even better.In no event should not be used with the furniture in the same pattern, which is formed in the floor.For example, too much black and white cells not only tell about the lack of imagination of the owners, but also significantly impair a person's mood.

Kitchen is fine furniture with striped upholstery and flooring - chess.If you want to add something unusual, you can resort to the use of different prints, which will simulate, for example, the zebra pattern or picture dishes in black and white.Kitchen apron must be monotonous, and above it is possible to lay tiles of different colors.As the diversity of one of the room's walls hang wallpaper in black with a pattern - say, from flowers with white petals.

Black and white floor in the interior

Those who believe that black and white interior is too low-key, dull and gloomy, badly mistaken.This design, by combining two of the most powerful colors, will always attract the eyes to every detail.

Most people think that black and white coloring is difficult to fit into the interior.This is not true.Fortunately, these colors are not very capricious, and are involved in virtually all styles, whether hi-tech or rococo.They are fairly easy to combine with other shades, always look beautiful on the surface.

Making the floor in black and white, it is also necessary to take into account that the tone is difficult to combine with similar colors.For example, there are always gray or beige furniture will look beautiful against the backdrop of a chess floor.In most cases, these rooms look clumsy and not particularly attractive.

So, in conclusion, we can add that the black and white floor will look great only in those areas, which are made in a single style.When you select the dominant color is necessary to consider what it is: a cold or warm.In order not to disturb the harmony of the room, you need to use the principle of "yin and yang".That is, in a dark corner of a better place the white chair and light - black.