If you had a dream in a dream stolen - what is it?

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If a person in a dream stolen, it can mean a lot.And in order to give the most complete definition of the dream, it is necessary to analyze it in detail and understand the details.In fact, this is not so difficult.

In Freud's dream book

If a person in a dream stolen, it is not good.Especially if he stole the shoes or the same ring.This means that he is trying to destroy someone's relationship or marriage.Perhaps due to the fact that he wants to take the place of one of the spouses.If the dreamer stolen medal, trophy, or some other reward - it is also not good.This symbol indicates that a person tends to get some undeserved honor or benefit from the work that he does not belong.In general, nothing that should be proud of.

But stealing things, drinks or food - to the financial turmoil.Perhaps the person does not have enough of what he stole.It's time to have become more confident and start to believe in their own strength.And then will escape poverty and ruin.

In modern Dream book

If a person in a dream stealing money, and he stole a purse full of bills, from a friend - it's the fact that soon he will be successful at work.Perhaps there is a profitable business alliance that will bring big profits.
If the dreamer saw the animal he stole someone else (especially if it was a dog) - it is a fact that soon he will be the cause, because of which will break someone's friendship.Steal a horse - is also a good sign.It indicates that the person is trying to deprive someone of his wealth, honor, good name and high status.And if the dreamer led the cow - that means in reality he tries to undermine someone's financial situation.

steal something precious, and then return it to the rightful owner - the fact that soon in the life of the dreamer's justice will prevail.But to steal the gold, and then realize that it was a fake - a delusion, lies, deceit, and even treason.Because you should be careful during this difficult period of life.

Circumstances theft

to interpret the vision a little only to remember that a person in a dream stolen.We must also take into account all the circumstances and, of course, the consequences.So, what dreams to steal a dream?When the theft was successful, and the dreamer turned off the chase and keep what he has withdrawn - for luck.And huge.If the soon to be some kind of risky, you should go on it - all uniquely succeed.But see how stolen taken away - not good.So, a person expects to waste his energy and valuable time.If he thought of some business, and it seems that it will be successful - is to abandon the idea.It does not bring profit, moreover, may even be serious consequences.

What does it mean to steal a dream, and to be caught?This vision - a harbinger of shame, scandals and failures.If cheloevk stole something and been thinking where to hide prey - a helpless to himself.So, in reality, he does not know how to finish the job or use the fruits of their labor.But steal a car - to a desire to earn a dishonest work.It should listen to this.

interpretation by different dream books

In autumn book interpretations of stealing money in a dream - a man of integrity.Although it would seem, it should herald a completely opposite.Summer Dream book like a dream promises a gorgeous purchasing.Probably, people will be able to finally buy something that has long dreamed of.According to spring Dream book - a successful purchase.Most likely, the dreamer acquires something at a bargain price or at a discount.

witch Medea claims that such a dream - to difficulties.Coming difficult period in his life, and the person will have to show all their most powerful and best quality in order to achieve justice.According to the explanatory Dream book this vision means the decline of cases or major failures associated with money, work and do business.The esoteric interpretations of the book states that if a man saw his stolen money - to gifts and pleasant surprises.But if he stole something from the other person - a vain hope.In general, one dream can mean different things.The main thing - to take into account when interpreting the little things, because a lot depends on them.