Where to pass a medical examination in the law.

Where pass a medical examination on the right?This question is asked by everyone who wants to learn to drive.This is one of the most important documents that need to man could be able to drive a vehicle.There are two ways that you can obtain a certificate of health: to buy (ie, do not need to pass the doctors) or officially purchase.

So driver medspravka quite standard - a form of U-89.Others did not get put into common use.It is used in almost all cases, when you need to apply to the State Automobile Inspection: production, repair, or replacement of the rights, make any changes, and others. If the certificate is not found, the driver can for that fine, because this act is an administrative violation of the order.

Where undergo a medical examination at the law and get such an important document?Not every clinic has the right to give it.This is due to the fact that not all are experts who need to be held.

Therefore, before figuring out where to pass a medical examination in the law, is to list the experts to visit.This psychiatrist, neurologist, surgeon, physician, psychiatrist, audiologist, optometrist.

Next President of the Commission the decision on whether it is possible to give a person a medical certificate.His decision is based on medical diagnoses listed above.Many drivers are wondering how you need to have a vision.

There are several contraindications that may be a big reason for the failure to obtain the rights.All restrictions and contraindications are described in the order of the Ministry of Health.

So, we can conclude that the medical certificate may issue a polyclinic, a specialized medical board or private health facility with a license to perform such activities.Where

undergo a medical examination on the right, we decided now is to find out what documents are needed to issue the certificate itself.This passport, a few pictures 3/4 and military ID.Naturally, it will take a few days off.

If a person has a health problem, are in the list of those that are the basis for refusal in obtaining rights, it is better to pass the Commission to assure that the right to drive a car is still there.Otherwise, if a person react to this carelessly, it may have unpredictable consequences.

Those who bought medspravka for traffic police, deceiving himself by choosing a path of its acquisition.After all, if there is an accident on the road, this document is produced in this way become an obstacle to the payment of the insurance company if you suddenly want to spend their medical examination.Therefore, it is better to spend a couple of days to go for passing ordinary medical commission, than to suffer from the consequences.Also worth noting is that drivers who have limitations must always carry with him a certificate in the event that their rights is the next mark, "a medical certificate is required."If this mark is absent, carry a document is not required.