What kind of men are choosing smart women?

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Smart women have always admired in men.Men love smart women, but they are sometimes very tired of them.

strong half of mankind prefer to relax with women, but with an intelligent woman relax fails.Yes, and I do not want to build a relationship with a woman who may be smarter than men.A woman should be beautiful, and good in everything obey her husband - so say many men.So smart, many of the fairer sex is avoided.

turns out that clever woman begins to perceive the mind, as a drawback, but not as a virtue.She may even start to behave abnormally in order to enchant your partner.She can not talk to your favorite topics not share his impressions about the trip to the theater or to a museum.She just does not want to be alone, she was tired of the fact that men do not like what she's smart, and they find it boring.

To be eternally single, married woman not because of who she likes, but for the person for whom it turns out.

happens so because the girl who read a lot of books, well in school simply did not have time to have fun, go out with friends.They have not learned how to behave with the opposite sex, have not learned to captivate the stronger sex.Therefore, in the company of smart guys girls just do not know how to behave, do not know what to do in order to please men.

Smart women often despite their best efforts and knowledge remain single.And all because they just do not understand what a man does not appreciate the number of books read, that he should just like it, but it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance.So it turns out that smart women do not choose and accept those who are paying attention to them.

clever, but lonely woman tired of watching how friends change men.She wants, in whatever was to receive the status of his wife.So she starts a relationship with a man who does not love.At best, it gets used to it and live with it.

But it may be true that she will try to live with the unloved man, and concludes that family life did not suit her.And so, it can not do so paying attention to her, her loneliness can drag on for years.

smart women often choose stupid men.They do it not because they want to feature on their background, their men simply have such qualities that these women are very smart value.

example, the guy her friend feel stupid, can protect his woman.Or he is a good lover so that she did not care what they have absolutely different interests.

If intelligent woman will meet a handsome man, but he is not smart enough for her, it's not terrible, it will still pay attention to it.Women do not care what they think about the Union other people.It is very important that she had a woman's happiness, and she is ready to do everything to ensure that it was her.

Any intelligent woman does not reject a man who will love her.She will appreciate the care and attention and will try to respond in kind.

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