French Kiss: how to do it?

If you ask the Parisians: "French kiss - like this?", They will tell you: "It's hard to describe what connects the soul lovers!" And it's hard to argue!In simple words, it's just an unforgettable kiss.Especially if it is made with knowledge of the case.Besides the usual kiss, it is present in the arsenal of most men aged 10 to 22 years.In the world of his popularity is very high.But some do not even imagine what the proper French kiss.In this article we look at its definition, and give you some tips on the art of this pleasant process.

French kiss like that?

Let's start with a definition.French Kiss involves contact languages.Sometimes it can operate only one language, and sometimes two.It all depends on how enterprising partners.During the kiss, in addition to the language, the lips are stimulated, and the entire oral cavity.But its main distinguishing feature is that it can last much longer than any other.We now turn to the advice.

Safety Tips

1. Moisten lips.If the lips are dry, it will complicate the implementation of the kiss.You can moisten them using a light touch of the language.Girls recommended a special lip balm, which helps make them soft and smooth.

2. Slightly tilt your head.Those people who are asking, "French kiss - like this?" - Do not do it.As a result they are faced with a partner foreheads or noses when approaching people.So it is necessary to make sure that your head is tilted in different directions.

3. Close your eyes.When approaching a partner look him in the eye, and at the time of the kiss close them.This will allow better focus on the tactile sensations.This advice is given more for aesthetic beauty, as many couples like to kiss it with my eyes open.

4. Do not exert pressure on the partner.It is not necessary to climb boldly and persistently tongue in his mouth.It is necessary that the kiss was both pleasant.At first, his mouth slightly open so that your lip was clamped lips partner, and his lips - yours.Thus opening his lips, try to gently and easily pass the tongue over his lips and mouth slightly open.This will show your desire to start a French kiss.If the partner did not show reciprocity, it is not necessary to insist.

5. Discuss kiss.Talk with your partner and find out what he liked the most, and what is not.This will not only improve your technique, but will then both receive a lot more fun.

6. Do not rush.Do not forget that the French kiss, unlike the passionate done leisurely.So explore your partner's mouth slowly and gently.

7. Most practitioners.Your skill level will grow in parallel to how often you practice a French kiss.How to do it on a regular basis?Just forget for a while about the common practice with a kiss, and his alone.Of course, if your partner will not mind.

8. Experiment.You can not have the same kisses.One is never like another.And if the first one turned out to cheer, it does not mean that the second will be the same.Turn on the imagination and add variety.

Finally wish you to be open to the partner of their feelings and follow the above advice.Then you do not have a question on how to kiss French kiss.