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From love to hate, as you know - one step.But if the truth be mistaken for a formula of relations between people, you can bring the opposite: from hate to love - the same step.Such steps periodically make even the most peaceful and gentle wife.And there is nothing terrible.

offer some useful rules of using that, you come out of family conflict with a sense of deep satisfaction.Although, according to psychologists, family quarrel is not necessarily prevail - because the purpose is not to dispute the victory over the "enemy", and in developing the right solutions.And this can only be achieved by joint efforts.

Rule one:
Take the position of the partner
imagine what will happen to your loved fiercely ready to join with you in verbal battle, if you suddenly say: "I understand that you ..." and then followed by a list ofthat he, in your opinion, can say.In other words, do you anticipate its cue.

Your partner will lose his footing, because what he wanted to say, it seemed only right.He could not imagine that you are so correct and wise.

Rule Two: Keep the seriousness
Taunt - cruel weapons.They can destroy even the strongest wall built by love.Try to listen to the partner with the utmost seriousness.


you will receive information in its entirety, and be able to better and more clearly articulate their counterarguments.

Rule three: to the finish

Keep the conversation as long as one does not feel better.In other words, let go all flows "dirty water" to make room for a clean and new.


Removed internal stress is released senses, emotions updated.What could be better?

Rule Four: Feel the difference
Even in the heat of passion do not forget that between a man and a woman - the deepest psychological differences.He can not think like you, not because he does not love you, but because it has a completely different mental organization.And this must be considered.


quarrel such wise spouse does not last more than five minutes and ends with kisses and hugs.

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