Which plants to choose for a flower garden, vegetable garden

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Spring is coming - it's time to think about the future planting.How to do it when the site is very small, and it would be desirable that it would grow trees and flowers, and vegetables.So, what vegetables can be combined with the colors?How to make a flower-garden?

usual to combine different kinds of flowers with lettuce, dill, parsley, onions, beets, climbing plants (peas, beans).

Beautifully will look dwarf varieties of pepper (pepper "Dwarf"), tomato (Pinocchio, The Masquerade, the Yamal, Dwarf), if they are placed in containers on the edge of a flower bed.

If you want to grow the usual varieties, then build a pyramid support, which will be very organic look in a flower garden.For its construction will take several rods (good natural material - wood), connect the top and set the shalashika on our plant.

beds with herbs will look no worse than the beds.On the edge of a flower bed, place the vegetables with interesting foliage.Do not forget the basil, as shade leaves of this plant from light green to purple.

the background plant tall plants such as rhubarb, Monarda, mallow.Monarda flowers are not only very beautiful but also very enticing for bees.Leaves Monarda added to tea, lemonade, used in canning.

Arrange accents with such colors as nasturtium, marigold, calendula, lavender.Their flowers are not only colorful, but also play the role of defenders of harmful insects.

Marigolds planted next to the strawberries, saving her from nemotody and cabbage from the cabbage fly.Not many novice gardeners know that nasturtium flower not only a great but also a great defender of the green aphid.The nasturtium flowers are edible, it is a good means to maintain immunity.

Contents are flower beds, vegetable gardens can be a variety of ways: in the form of steps or sectors.

Draw on a piece of paper the shape that you want to give your flower garden, vegetable garden.Be it the main vegetable crops and pick them appropriate flowers, herbs.

Believe me, from your flower garden will not be able to take your eyes.Such a composition will not only look great, but also bring a good harvest.

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