Tips Dr. Spock on the introduction of complementary foods.

Continuing to acquaint you with the advice of the famous American pediatrician XX century, Dr. Benjamin Spock, let's talk about how and when best to introduce into the diet of baby fruits and vegetables.

Of course, over the past decade, much has changed in the approach to the lure, but the Council is aware of the doctor's mother can learn many useful things for themselves.

How to teach a child to the fruit?

Regarding fruits opinions of doctors are divided: some advise to enter the fruit in the diet of a baby a few weeks after cereals and other solid foods are generally advised to start with the fruit.However, in this case, there is a risk that the child will quickly get used to the sweet fruits and other food will not want to.

Dr. Spock said that up to 8 months it is best to give your baby stewed or baked fruit, fresh produce can only ripe bananas.

feeding fruit to be used as a ready-made mashed pots and apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums and bananas (if not allergic, then the pineapple).

Of course, the introduction of a new baby to eat fruit, you have to give it first in small portions, without mixing with other fruit and not giving in these days of new products, and a couple of days to watch the reaction to a new food, whether Allegra.It should take into account that sometimes attach pear kids, and especially bananas and prunes - weaker.

Fruits better wipe and wiped can be stored up to 3 days in the refrigerator.Dr. Spock advises too acidic fruits add a little sugar, but today it is considered to be not very good yield - it is better to give sweet fruit, and when the child gets used, mix different types.For example, a sour apples - sweet bananas.Then get a tasty sauce, rich in vitamins.

Besides, mashed bananas, fruit give the lure a very comfortable for the baby texture and softness, so you can add them into pureed peaches, apples, pears, etc.

According to Spock, the lure of the fruit can be incorporated into any feeding, and if there is an allergy, a chair and a normal appetite, then you can even feed the fruit, 2 times a day.But the best time for fruit - between 14 and 18 hours.

Remember that open jars of prepared fruit purees can not usually be stored in the refrigerator for more than 48 hours, that is, it is better that one jar of baby ate for two days.

This mash feed directly from the jar it is impossible - it is necessary to separate the desired portion of the other dishes, to not get in a jar saliva - or mashed deteriorate even in the refrigerator.

choosing bananas, prefer to sing with small black spots on the skin.First, you can mash banana with a fork and mix with milk or a mixture crumbs to make it easier to swallow.

Prunes best to give children who are prone to constipation.If a child, and so - a soft, frequent or loose stools, do not let it prunes (bananas and if it too weak, and bananas do not need is a chair not normalized).Also, children with weak chair fruit is better to give no more than once a day.

In principle, between the half-year and year can be gradually included in the diet of the child and other fresh fruits, bananas are not only replacing them steamed or baked.

Good grated apples, pears, peaches, you can try and avocado - a useful, though not very easy to digest fruit.As for berries and grapes, during the Dr. Spock it believed that it is better to offer children from 2 years.

Vegetable lure - what, how and when?

Dr. Spock advised to start giving pureed cooked vegetables in a couple of weeks after the baby get used to porridge or fruit.

can give the baby potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes.The recommendations also include complementary feeding beets, beans and peas, tomatoes, spinach and celery, but it all depends on whether they are allergic to the baby, and will not become swollen from his beans.

Vegetables with a strong smell and sharp, such as all kinds of cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower and regular belokachannaya), onions and turnips, children do not like, besides, they can get sick from the stomach - so it is not necessary to enter them in the lure.

If your family love the food of these vegetables, you can try to teach them a child - but after will be put vegetable main lure.And do not forget to boil the onions in at least two waters.

corn in giving complementary feeding is not recommended - a shell of its grain is quite hard, even after cooking and poorly digested.You can try to give ready-made vegetable puree jars, which includes corn, but note that both of her child may become swollen.

Fresh or frozen vegetables to cook foods and wipe, canned - too, but they are less suitable for toddlers.

Note that babies harder to get used to vegetables than to porridge or fruit, and pereborchivy apply to them.Some vegetables your child can generally be rejected.Do not force him to eat what he does not like - try to offer the child the same vegetable in a couple of weeks, at this age, children often changing tastes.

Dr. Spock believes that kids love little salted vegetables, but today it is believed that the less salt in this age - the better.In addition, the taste of salt to many kids do not like.It can be just a little salt the water when cooking vegetables - no more than half a teaspoon of salt per liter of water to begin with.

Starting solid foods to introduce vegetable, take into account the following:

1. If the chair of the child is not very liquid and without mucus, the undigested pieces of vegetables in it should not scare you.However, the number of vegetable foods in this case it is better to increase very slowly to the baby's digestive system time to get used to the new food.

When liquid chair or stool with mucus best to eliminate the "not guilty" dish or product for a month, and then re-test the response to it.

2. Beet usually feces and urine stains in red beet or color, just act on the stool and red-orange vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes).

3. If the child's skin color after a couple weeks of vegetable foods changed to yellow, you should seek medical advice: perhaps the baby - an allergy to red-orange vegetables, and do not give them a lot, and several species at once.

4. Sometimes spinach causes cracks in the skin of the lips and the anus - then eliminate from the menu baby spinach for a few months.

5. The best time for vegetables in children's daily menu - 14-15 days.

6. As well as fruit, vegetable ready puree cans are stored only for two days in the refrigerator.But cooked vegetables is better not to keep, but every time a new cook.

In our next articles we will continue to acquaint you with the advice of Dr. Spock about feeding children, and explain how and when it is better to enter into a child's diet eggs, fish, meat and other products.