How to raise a girl, according to the principles of gender equality

All parents should be aware of the old adage that says that you need to bring up a child while he lies across rather than along the bed.Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment of the baby can "sculpt" a good man.

basic rules

If mom wants to understand how to raise a girl, it should be understood that the principles of education of children of both sexes are about the same.What does it mean?It's simple.His babies need to grow in love, the baby should be given time to its development and games.It is important to distinguish what is permitted child because let him do anything - not the best idea.And you never need to get angry, because tot can often just do not understand why my mother react so.


However, there are some differences in how to raise a girl and how to educate the boy.So, it all depends on how the person is conscious on gender equality.If the parents are in thrall to the old patriarchal stereotypes that boys need to grow strong and courageous, and girls - the guardians of the house, it will be an entirely different principle of education.Such babies are pampered different toys and teach in different ways and expose them to very different requirements.


How to raise a girl, according to the principles of gender equality and the need to do it?Good question, because modern domestic society tends precisely to this, trying to defeat the patriarchal system.More women are part of the big business, and little by little into politics, ladies occupy senior posts and commanding position.For any girl could reach such heights, her toys should not be only "girly."Well, if the baby will collect the designer, developing logic, roll machine, learning how it works, etc.Nothing bad is that if a girl wants to play dolls, but do not strictly choose their little one is "girly" toys.


How to raise a girl strong woman?Quite simply, from early childhood his chips must be around to encourage, praise her victory and a little whip, if something goes wrong.The success of the child must be marked, even if they are seemingly not as significant.If a girl does not want to dance, and gladly chooses boyish section, well, so be it, maybe that's where it will achieve some success.

About popes

Analyzing how to educate a girl 2 years old, 3, or five, you must remember that it is very important the role of the father.This is also not necessary to forget.If the mother teaches the girl everything that surrounds it, and what the future every day, being with crumbs 24 hours a day, the father appears in a child's life is usually much less.Therefore, it is perceived as someone who is almost divine.Therefore, the attitude of young children to the fathers more anxious at first glance, rather than to the mothers.And then the father can make a huge mistake by refusing to talk with her daughter.Thus he creates in her specific, often a negative attitude to the opposite sex - boys.But the pope may have a great service, just talking with her baby on various topics, interested in its successes and victories (albeit small).Praise the father in the first years of a child's life is very important, so that men should not forget that.

How to punish, and to praise the girl

Analyzing how to educate a girl of 5 years, it is worth remembering that in this age, the child becomes very sensitive to everything that was said to him.So here it is important to properly criticize and praise the baby.We need to know the limits, so as not to overpraise his daughter, right out of it can grow too hypochondriac and self-confident young lady.But do not constantly berate and call girl (eg, inept or are obstinate), it is so little one can stop to try to do anything.