Summary of the story of Victor Astafieva "Vasyutkin Lake"

Story "Vasyutkin Lake" written by Victor Astafev in 1956.The idea of ​​creating a story about a boy lost in the forest, came to the author, when he was still at school.Then his work on the free theme was recognized as the best and published in the school newspaper.After many years Astafjevs remembered his creation, and published a story for children.

Summary story "Vasyutkin Lake»

Vasyutka, thirteen teenager during the summer holidays are often fished together with the team, which was led by his father.While adults repaired boats and nets, the boy went into the forest to collect pine cones.Once on a walk, he decided to shoot the capercaillie.In pursuit of a wounded bird boy he lost his way and got lost.First, they took possession of panic, but then he remembered everything he had been taught native, began to wonder how to get back home.He prepared the wood for the night, roasted wood grouse, and in the morning set out.

Vasyutkin Lake

By evening, the boy accidentally came across the lake.There he shot a few ducks.Only in the morning, he decided to get his prey from the water.And here it is expected to open.The lake was the fish by the thousand.A river flowed into the lake, which stretched along the forest.He hoped it would lead him to the Yenisei.However Vasyutke not lucky as the weather turned bad, and the rain started.The boy hid under the branches of a fir, a crust of bread eaten seized from the house and fell asleep, clinging to a tree.In the morning the teenager made a fire to keep warm.

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Vasyutka Suddenly heard a soft sound like the squeak of the ship.He realized that the ship is buzzing.Boy packed up and went to the sound.Force him left, but he did not forget to take care of the food.He roasted two geese and walked on.Soon Vasyutka went to an unknown shore.While he wondered where to go next, seemed to smoke away from the ship.He waited while the ship swim up closer, the boy began to wave his arms in the hope that he make out the passengers.One man waved back.However, the boy realized that the people most likely did not attach any importance to this greeting, because in the journey, passengers are no longer seen on the shores of those who waved their hands.Vasyutkoy seized despair.He began to prepare for the night, but suddenly saw rybosborochny boat and began to shout loudly.Finally, he noted, they have taken on board.


The boat boys fed and taken home.All were glad to have him back, because he no longer hoped to find alive.The boy told his father about the wonderful lake, where a lot of fish.In the morning the whole team went to the site, which have a teenager.This is the place and decided to call "Vasyutkin the lake."Fish was there really a lot.I had to call another team to bring the entire catch.Today Vasyutkin lake can be found even on the cards.


The school children read a lot of good literature.This creation of authors such as Korolenko, Solzhenitsyn Afanasiev."Vasyutkin Lake" - one of the works of all teenagers.After all, here you are told about the courage and bravery of the ordinary boy, caught in difficult life circumstances.