Aliens exist or not?

aliens exist or not - I would like to know exactly what almost every inhabitant of the planet Earth.And I must say that this issue did not arise in the cosmic era of the twentieth century, and for centuries and millennia before.For example, in the Italian Montalcino has a fresco which depicts the crucifixion of Christ on a background of a fortress, on which, in turn, moved in the air two aircraft, within which there are people.In Florence Palazzo Vecchio has a picture of the 15th century, where the Madonna with Saints Giovanni highlights four beams with a disc-shaped object hovered over them in the sky.In a series of tapestries basil in the French Burgundy, dated 13-14 centuries., Also played objects resembling flying saucers.

aliens exist or not?Photos of old paintings testifies in favor of existence!

Interestingly, a number of European artists of the 14th century is in the works devoted to the crucifixion depicted next to the Son of God, unidentified flying objects.The work of an unknown artist in 1350 is also the object of taking off two sides of the Cross, and Paolo Uccello in the painting exhibited in the Florentine Academy, portrayed next to a crucifix flying saucer in this form, as it is taken to represent today.Such artifacts are forced to think about whether there are aliens in real life.

Pictures UFO pictured in 14-15 centuries

What made artists of past centuries to portray such a strange objects in his paintings - is unknown.It is only known that the approximate period of the appearance of paintings with strange flying machines in Europe coincides with the 14th century.For example, a colorful fresco in the monastery of Visoki Decani in Kosovo shows the appearance in the sky over the city glowing disk from which the beam is falling down on a woman, to bow before this beam in obeisance.In Asia, similar images found earlier five centuries.In particular, the famous Tibetan translation of the Sanskrit text "Prajnaparamita Sutra" to illustrate that contain images of flying objects, similar to the later European images.

Christian subjects with unidentified flying objects

Perhaps the inhabitants of these countries did not assume that aliens do exist, but are imprinted in works of art that was unfamiliar to them, but they are very impressed by some characteristics.Enough is known picture Masolino da Panicale (1383-1440 gg.) "The Miracle of the Snow", which shows the Virgin and the Son of God, seated on clouds, beneath which are in the range of devices, disk-like UFOs.While skeptics believe that in this way the artist depicted a tape cloudy.In addition, the famous French medal later period (about 1680), where in the sky the clouds were sealed wheel also resembles an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

In the Stone Age met with other civilizations

The fact there are aliens or not, is not likely to reflect and primitive peoples on our view of the past millennia.But it is possible that they saw members of other civilizations.This is evidenced by cave paintings in Australia (Kimberley, about 6-12 thousand. BC), which displayed the faces of obscure creatures in glasses with nimboobraznoy illuminated overhead.The images of strange creatures with one eye and the like breathing tubes found in the neck and in Africa.They left behind a nation, who lived there in the 4-8 century BC, when ancient civilizations were known only in the bud.

very realistic and rock painting in Italy, dating back as far as 13th century BC, when in human history ended with the stone age.It depicts humanoid figures with tools in their hands on their heads, which includes elements similar to modern helmets with lights.The proportions of the figures are met accurately, but who made these pictures - remains a mystery

most interesting information classified

fact that aliens do exist, tried repeatedly to confirm enthusiasts after the beginning of an era of space technology.Many experts have tried to gain access to the agency NASA, which, however, such efforts have been severely repressed.Moreover, one of the employees in the recent past revealed that for decades the agency imposed a "classified" for any signals containing data about unidentified objects in space and on Earth.

But the press still leaked photos (it is possible that they are fake) with the image of the lunar landscape, which traced the remains of buildings of strict geometric shapes, long "Road".We also learned about the attacks of huge flying saucers on the US spacecraft in 1968, when he was at a speed of 11 000 kilometers per hour approached a UFO that brought down at the time of all the equipment and will not compromise the health of astronauts.Even then, no question, "aliens exist or not?" The facts of this event were completely secret for many years.

attacks on American astronauts to the moon Earth

mission of Apollo 11, dropped to an artificial satellite with a certain point of the flight as "escorted" aircraft of extraterrestrial origin.Astronauts mention that they saw on the moon glowing balls of different shapes, as well as objects with portholes, which could see the shadows of the unknown creatures.The same "attention" was given to the mission of Apollo 12, which was accompanied by a UFO for three million kilometers.The fact that our satellite aliens really exist, irrefutable evidence is supposed to have collected and stored under the "classified" in the respective departments.And maybe that's why the program of lunar exploration were curtailed both the US and the USSR in the 20th century.Rumor has it that the earthlings from the Moon "asked" why research activities world space powers directed to other objects in the sky.

Manifestations of other civilizations on this planet

But the presence of extraterrestrial beings found not only in space.There is considerable evidence that people in different parts of the world faced with supernatural phenomena apparently of extraterrestrial origin today.What are the current evidence aliens exist or not?2014 was quite eventful, testifying in favor of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.In particular, in March 2014 in St. Petersburg, many residents recorded in the photograph and video the appearance of a luminous spot, which was a few glasses of pulsating points within the same borders.Luminous object hung and died a few minutes, after which manifested itself in another area of ​​the northern capital.

Aliens saved us in the fall of a meteorite in Chelyabinsk

Some UFO believe that the manifestation of extraterrestrial technology present and during the fall of the meteorite Chelyabinsk in February 2012.When considering the frames from the scene in slow motion, it was noted that a meteorite just before contact with the ground, like, flew a small body of unknown origin at a speed that can not develop terrestrial aircraft or missiles, and contributed to its destruction.Perhaps aliens amongst us, and their high-tech help to save the planet from the ravages of the outside, that can bring destruction by alien beings.

At the end of 2014 in Mexico was once again found a positive answer to the burning question: "Are there aliens?".Photos and videos from a small city of Guadalajara granted ufologist A. Ibarra, who deals with the problem of the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, it was considered authentic.Footage shows how for 2-3 minutes over the city during the day hovering a few silvery disc-shaped objects, which can then suddenly disappear.This region is rich in all the manifestations of UFOs, and experts believe that extraterrestrial objects are attracted by numerous volcanoes, the crater of which supposedly can be input into the alien base.

They examined aliens

unexplained events that took place thousands of people testify that aliens exist.Or not?However, it is difficult to find an explanation for the cases when the body some people are appearing from nowhere "implants", which often consist of a metal not found on earth.Generally, foreign objects do not give any unpleasant sensation and does not affect the physical health.However, people who have received a "gift", belong to the neurotic type of personality, and often talk about the fact that they were abducted by aliens and subjected to experiments.Their descriptions of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations often appear unsympathetic creatures with green, gray or brown skin, increasing both smaller and larger than the standard earth.Communication usually occurs telepathic manner and attitude of creatures from other worlds, people often aggressive, because they are superior to us in technical terms many times.

alien life may flourish with us

live there aliens among us?Once in a meteorite Murchison, that fell in 1969 found traces of amino acids, including about fifty of them met in the world in general, it can be assumed that some units of the life of the existing (and perhaps most) areextraterrestrial origin.For example, bacteria that live in the salty lake in California (Mono), using the existing arsenic in water in chemical reactions to sustain their own livelihoods instead of phosphorus, which are used for the same purposes the rest of the living world of the planet.Such organisms could survive on other planets.Or they once lived there, and maybe live to this day.

next to us whether there are aliens?Photos of the works of A. and B. Fomin Bokovikova may indicate that we are living many thousands of years side by side with civilization that as the basis of a silicon, not carbon.The above enthusiasts believe that next to the civilization of mankind is stones, among which the first group of agates.These stones, according to the authors of the methodology are such important bodies as a kind of skin, they multiply "seeds" appearing in the female part of the stone.

Other civilizations may live in your paneled

with humanity they have in common is that agates are able to heal (delayed as the wounds on the resinous trees), as well as the fact that the level is silicon in human blood for fractures increases dramatically, to ensure the successfulbone healing.If you are ever faced with friends agate, you can note the presence of striped (male) of the crystal and the (female) part, come from a kind of "channels" germs of future new stones.

This hypothetical process takes hundreds of millions of years, and can, so people pay attention to it only with the development of science and technology.Also, keep in mind that the rocks in a certain way may affect the health and fate of a man that has given rise to a science as lithotherapy.Based on the above, it can be said that the problem of whether there is or not ETs may likely be resolved positively.But the question arises: Do we exist for aliens, as a civilization worthy of the contact?