What can replace the fitness in the heat

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hot weather - a gift to all who want to say goodbye to excess weight.No appetite, weight goes virtually by itself.One problem: with gusto in the heat leave the strength and desire to engage in fitness, even in an air conditioned room.How to support yourself in shape until the weather does not slow down, and we do not return to normal life?

forced himself to exercise regularly and so hard, but in the heat it is almost impossible to do.Force is not, and it is dangerous - to give greater load on the heart.Instead of beautiful form and good health can be mistakenly have a heart attack or just a faint, which is also extremely unpleasant.Therefore, most of the physical activity is better not to get out of the sport itself, and from the increase in "consumer" activity.

Daily wet cleaning

duration of "training": 20 minutes strengthen: the press, calf muscles, thighs

Down heaped mops and vacuum cleaners, rag in hand and ahead - to conquer the corners under the sofa.Slopes for washing floors, sipping erasing dust on top shelves - in extreme conditions and it can be considered a little exercise.And in a stuffy apartment breathe after wet cleaning much easier.


duration of "training": 20-30 minutes strengthen: the buttocks, thighs, calves

short dashes morning we are moving from the house to the car with climate control, and then to the office with air conditioning.And the whole day sitting quietly in their offices, ignoring even the dinner, but would not go out.But in the evening you are sure to catch up.Walk the dog, which successfully before you push down on the partner, going to the store for a carton of milk, but just on the promenade area - let the feet at least a small load, and they do not lose their shape during his forced inactivity fitness.

Stairs duration of "training": five minutes a day Strengthens: thighs, buttocks, calves

take the stairs as the additional load - is not new, but still effective.The buttocks remain elastic, slim legs, and no remorse for missed classes.


duration of "training": the day you can "find" and an hour, and even more strengthen: hip

Forget computer messengers.Usually we use them in the office, not to go from office to office on any issue, but for now you any load on the hand - or rather, on the leg.


duration of "training": 15-20 minutes Strengthens: all muscle groups

a stiff brush and a powerful jet shower - it's not just a way to make the skin more elastic, but is just a load muscle.A circular motion clockwise massage the entire body in the direction of the tips of the arms and legs to the heart.This will improve blood circulation and, by the way, speed up metabolism.

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