Biking for children from 1 year: the price, manufacturers

parents of this generation in search of high-quality items for the development of their kids learn all about the goods "from cover to cover."And rightly so, because marriage fraud, and always will be.From birth, we experience about how to choose a stroller, car seat, crib, because it is so important to crumbs was comfortable, interesting, and most importantly, safely.The last point is perhaps the most important, although the design also plays a role.After a year filled with crumbs, parents are wondering how to choose a bike for a child of 1 year?Good technique has succeeded in this matter.Global brand, offering high-quality design tricycles for children from 1 year, quite a lot.Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the characteristics, value and necessary reviews.

How to choose a bike for a child of 1 year?

Selection criteria are well known to everyone, but it's worth mentioning them.The first is the age and growth of the child.Next we should define the functionality needed for you.And, of course, pay attention to safety, high quality children's transport.It highlights, which is worth looking at buying a bicycle.As for the design, colors, additional features of a particular product, it would be better if you will take into account together with your child.

Age category growth

Bicycles for children from 1 year old have a lot of differences between them, from the dimensions to functionality.Model selection bike for your child will depend on his age and height.To simplify this criterion can use a table that includes a numeric parameters: age, height and diameter of the wheels corresponding data.

Age child


Diameter inch

From 1 year to 3

75 - 95


From 3 to 4 years

95 - 101


From 4 to 6 years

101 - 115


From 6 to 9 years

115 - 128


From 9 to 13 years

126 - 155


Tricycles for children from 1 year to 4 years contain a large number of items to safety.For example, a low frame (in order to reduce the risk of injuries in the fall), the protection of designs in the chain, shock-proof casing on the steering wheel.These bikes are equipped with a handle for driving the rear and, besides all, have a lot of other benefits.For children from five years produced a model similar to the bikes for adults, equipped with hand brake, and sometimes speed switch.


bicycle for a child 1-5 years should not have a full-fledged transport.Rather, the best option is to buy a transformer that includes a lot of features, in addition to driving.Namely, the ability to be ridden by children parents rocking, musical arrangement, sun protection, the regulation of the backrest, and in the end - an opportunity to grow up to remove all the personal belongings and a few more years to use simple convenient tricycle younger kid.

Due to the presence of the parent handle to transport children adults can control the transformer and thus to warn against the dangers of a child.And yet these bicycles, wheelchairs for children from 1 year equipped with baskets for toys and bags for moms accessories.It is also possible to fold the bike that is comfortable enough to store and transport.

Transport Security

Security - the most important criterion in any transport.Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to this point.For safe driving necessarily need a high-quality braking system is made of durable materials bicycle parts.Before buying a product, check if it fits your child, set him on a chair or putting it over on the bike frame.According to the safety standard, between the frame and the perineum should be a distance of 10 cm. In this case the baby will be able to jump off the bike in unexpected situations.As for the small children, the bike rocking it should be comfortable to sit, reach for steering, safe move in the chair.To do this, novelties are equipped with seat belts and the rim, which protects the baby from falling out of the chair.

Known reliable manufacturers

Equally important, buying items, be aware of the reliability and quality of production.On the world market say about 10 of the best and relevant at this time manufacturers, proven vendors like bicycles and high long-term quality.The three best strength, design and value are: "Smart Trike", "Azimuth" and "Royal Baby".

«Smart Trike" - the best for your child's

looked just once on a bike for a child of 1 year the brand "Smart Trike", will not want to scroll Prices in search of children's transport.Talking about the manufacturer, it is worth noting a modernized approach to products and at the same time view from the side of the child.Production of parts produced on German equipment.All products "Smart Trike" patented and has corresponding certificates.Vehicles of this brand are sold in over 50 countries.The brand relies on the security, producing the main parts (steering wheel, frame, handle, pedals) Bike hardened steel, and more - from high-quality plastic (cart, stand, chair) and rubber (wheels).Products with an amazing design and high quality has a pretty hefty price, and part of a series of expensive bicycles.But there is a model with a slightly reduced cost.Price range: from 4500 to 8000 rubles.

bicycle for a child of 1 year "Smart Trike" has excellent characteristics.

  • The basic structure is made of hardened steel.
  • Anatomic seat with seat belts and adjustable backrest.
  • removable parent handle with 4 levels of adjustment.
  • slip footrest is also removed.
  • Bag for accessories of high quality material, easy to wash.
  • Shopping for toys, music phone, sun visor.
  • brake system and steering wheel.
  • Bright Author's design of each model.

«Azimuth" - quality and affordable

bicycle for a child (1 year), the price is exorbitant for many parents, can be purchased at a reasonable cost.Chinese manufacturer of "Azimuth" provides an opportunity to buy a good bike inexpensive.And you get a bike for children from 1 year reviews which prove high quality.Key Features Bicycle "Azimuth" for kids:

  • base is made of solid metal;
  • adjustable seat with seat belts;
  • device for toys;
  • parental handle;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • footrest.

of the latest models distinguish the original design "Azimuth Lamborghini" Produced in the style of the Italian brand machines.Cost models - from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

«Royal Baby" - a guarantee of reliability and convenience

«Royal Baby" makes bikes for children from 3 years and begovely more than 20 years.The company has established itself as a reliable producer of quality goods.The basic construction of the children's vehicle is made of aluminum and has nevygorayuschee cover.The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to the height of the child.The performance of transport are also included: the hand brake on the front wheel slip coating handlebar, pedals with reflective reflectors, bell and side wheels.Design products "Royal Baby" impresses with its originality, a combination of style and versatility of colors.Cost models - from 5500 to 9500 rubles.

Children's bicycle - it's not just trucks for easy movement, sightseeing, visits to the country, but also an important stage in the development of the baby.The main thing to choose what is suitable, and the child and parent.Cyclists should be light and at the same time made of metal, plastic, and as a component of many other cheap toys quickly fails.And a lot of money to acquire goods that the next day would be unsuitable, no one wants.Therefore it is better to spend money once and for several years, and possibly decades, to use the subject.Moreover, it is useful not only to your children, nephews and grandchildren.

Every year more and more updated range of children's accessories.Competition is growing, and among manufacturers of bicycles is negligible.Therefore, it has become difficult to choose the company.But trusting trusted manufacturers do not go wrong.