How to bring the girl to orgasm without the help of drugs for potency.

Shall the girl to orgasm, couple Knowing Magic Positions

Recently, on the fairer sex can hear something like « Shall the girl to orgasm ».This they usually say to the men.A man from wonders why his partner is not getting satisfaction, as he seems to be gentle and considerate, and nothing happens.Then the man asks another question « how to bring the girl to orgasm

what do to and she got exactly the same discharge, as he did.In fact, before you answer this question let's say that one in five women have never experienced an orgasm.The problem is anorgasmia.That is, in the complete absence of proper discharge of sexual intimacy.The reasons for this can be a great variety.

This and some moments that happened in childhood, and influenced the future life and the fear of appearing ridiculous during this process, and the inability to relax, and even much more.In order to find the cause should be long and hard, "drip" last man.However, one thing when the problem is in the mind, and quite another thing when a woman can not reach orgasm due to the lack of stimulation or no stimulation of the right.Let us digress from the topic and say that during some experiments, it was shown that the partners of women taking the drug Levitra satisfy them with a vengeance.

However, later researchers said, it was not a man, that is, of course, and there, too, just taking the drug Levitra man somehow affected the women, they loosen up and finally received a long-awaited discharge.Of course, you can buy Levitra once, twice, but you want somehow to note that then proudly tell you how to bring the girl to orgasm.

How to bring the girl to orgasm, or that come up with scientists

scientists went ahead and conducted an experiment, they asked several thousand couples have sex at the same time during this experiment was conducted ultrasound, which shows what the point inside the bodyare most pressure from the penis.

women fastened to the stomach, this small device, and the screen was clearly visible what is happening inside.Par asked to use the most up to 15 different positions during a sexual intercourse.The results were stunning.After the survey it was found that only three poses were taken almost all the girls the most pleasant sensations.Scientists have carefully studied the recorded ultrasonic moments and told why these three postures so pleasant for the ladies.

In the third place, according to surveys by the speed and power to achieve orgasm, excitement and sensuality put pose "Rider on the contrary."This is when a man lies on his back, and the woman sits on top him, turning his back.When stooping member in contact with the clitoris, which is always very favorable, but if a woman leaned back, the member will rub against the front wall of the vagina, stimulating at the same point or Grafenberg point G. This is particularly sensitive area, the impact of which leads to a powerful orgasm.

Second place went to the unexpected, but for many joyful "missionary position".Why unexpected?Because in such a situation occurs the least impact on the sensitive point for women, mainly the friction comes on the back wall of the vagina and not on the front is particularly sensitive on that point is G, the clitoris, too, do not pay attention.The truth is this situation can be remedied if a man vygnet back, lifting the base of the penis.Scientists say that there is a role she played proximity posture, eye to eye, which gives a special spice to sex and pleasure.Although, if a man is right vygnetsya, the stimulation will still be.

The attitude of "spoon", which won first place at the same time stimulates the member as the clitoris from the outside, and the G-spot located before the middle of the vagina.In the spoon position takes the greatest impact on the point G, and, although the clitoris is almost not involved, does this pose accessible stimulation hands.Almost all the women who participated in the experiment, said that, despite the relative calm of the pose, the pleasure you get from it heavenly.And even those who had not been able to reach an orgasm while making love in this position, reached the highest peak enjoyment.

And how "Doga style" and the point G?

As such a popular and beloved man poses "dogs style" it did not pay off in terms of getting the greatest satisfaction.This position allows deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, the very fact that man is a pleasure, but not the point G, the clitoris or sexual organ does not stimulate.So the secret of how to bring the girl to orgasm, is open.

can try on their own, but you can buy Levitra, which by the way is available in the online store.In any case, after reading the article, the men will be able to tell your friends "will bring a girl to orgasm," if you know how.

Sexually very important trust and understanding in relation to each other, so if a girl is difficult to achieve detente help her in this, do not expect that she should it somehow experience.We are all different, and in the intima of the more someone can reach orgasm by a couple of simple frictions, and someone needs a lot more time and effort.