Threading at home

Very often at home need threading.This is required for the repair of some structures or manufacture custom fasteners.The only condition for this is that the necessary tools.

advantages of threaded connections:

  1. strength and reliability.
  2. Plug connectors, therefore it is possible to repeatedly disassemble and assemble, using a set of simple hand tools: screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and other tools.
  3. tightening or loosening the connection can be adjusted.


- Metric - has a profile of a triangle.It is used for the manufacture of fasteners: nuts, bolts, studs.It can be done in a home studio.

- rectangular and trapezoidal - is used for the transmission of motion with great effort.Typically used in machine tools.

- resistant - for the mechanisms that create a lot of pressure (eg hydraulic press).

- Round - has high durability and can operate in contaminated environments.

Direction revolution, it is divided into right and left.

According to the number of entries is a single-pass, multi-start.

thread of the same diameter may differ in pitch - the distance between two adjacent turns.

Cutting carried out by different instruments.Internal threading taps performed.In this case, the workpiece, drill a hole with a diameter slightly smaller than the specified.For convenient approach is performed chamfer.The tool is clamped in the holder.Under certain thread from existing tables, select the correct hole diameter.

external threading is performed ram.Material for its manufacture are carbide and tool steel.The operation is performed on the workpiece diameter slightly less than the required thread.The rods are selected according to the table.

Very often the installation of heating or running water holding the thread has to do on the tube.In this case, threading is done with special tools.For this purpose, die or tube clip, pipe wrench, vise, hacksaw, electric jig saw having a saw for metal.

Dies are round and prismatic, also called die stock.They are usually carried out on the pipe threading having a diameter deviation.Die stock is a tool in which the die attach and plashkoderzhatel.When the latter through a guide plate relative to the tube centers.Tapping on the site, subject to corrosion, it is not recommended.Therefore, a hacksaw or jigsaw cut off the damaged parts.The pipe in a vise clamped at one end and the other acts on as short as possible to avoid chatter and fluctuations of the pipe.This same area, in order to facilitate the operation, lubricated by engine oil.Now take the tool for tapping and the rotation is the process of circumcision.

addition to simple tools, there are also professional.Of particular importance in this case have special tools for threading.

Also chipping method, rolling method can be used.In this case, the metal is rolled, lifting it forms coils.It needs a special profile roller.