GSM alarm system - a promising source of traffic for mobile operators

There are a number of electronic devices used for mobile communication of the work.This device is a GSM module with a SIM card and a controller that determines the destiny of the entire device.Here are two examples: This GSM socket, including power on and off any electrical appliance and a multi-function device - GSM signaling.

How do they work? with rosette simple: the owner of the queries from your phone's status - "on" or "off", and gives the command - to disable, enable, or left unchanged.GSM alarm system has included a variety of sensors, surveillance cameras, siren and control outputs.When triggered, for example, a motion sensor alarm owner sends SMS, MMS, voice dialing does.But if the boss "forewarned - is forearmed" and may take measures to protect their property.

Modern GSM alarm systems have more features, but rather easy to install and operate.For self-installation is usually enough instruction, which is carried out in the sale and pre-sale inspection of the device.On sale is the so-called configuration

Express GSM , which are ready for immediate use.Their simplicity is achieved by connecting all operating elements (motion detector, siren, MMS Camera, GSM module) into one unit that eliminates the need to install and configure the system in a protected facility.There are reasons to expect a huge demand such security devices as their development customers, so projected a significant increase in the number of subscribers of those operators whose SIM-card the consumer will put in appliances.

Should seriously consider traffic , created, for example, GSM alarm system?It should be and why.All material events GSM alarm informs its owner: it turns on or off guard, changing the guard, power cycle, and low battery alarm.In addition to these events has the alarm outputs for switching - off appliances, and each is accompanied by a switch on and off communications with the owner.If the user chose a tariff with a fixed monthly fee, the mobile operator receives from the client stable revenue, if the user selects a tariff with no monthly fee, the practice shows that the GSM alarm system to "communicate" with its owner almost daily , so that the operatorCommunication without income will remain.

As mobile operators undertake to engage in this promising niche?At present, no fighting not noticeable, this is due to "urban" orientation of the mobile operator business.Initially, they focused on the communication of urban consumer, but the current situation focuses on new directions expansion .If the mobile services customers - people covered almost all the clients such as electronic devices, which are installed in the SIM card remain until covered.And this is a whole layer of the market, for which the need to fight.It can be assumed in what areas will be this struggle.

first - improving the totality and quality of the coating, it is a prerequisite of the devices, they are more demanding of the quality of communication than people.In this regard, the work goes on, the operators here are active not only for those purposes, but also for the convenience of existing customers. second - popularization GSM alarm system: despite the abundance of proposals and advertising information, the consumer is aware of their bad today no operator worked special fares for a given direction.It should be noted that in the promotion of the product concerned and the producers themselves GSM alarm system, so the operators and the manufacturers it makes sense to join forces.So, the second direction - is the promotion and popularization of electronic devices that use mobile communication and the creation of special fares for each of these devices.And the third direction - is the creation of GSM alarm and other similar devices under its own brand .The last line is in its infancy, but promises to be the most promising, because it creates an additional stream of revenue from the sale of equipment.