Successful start when dealing with China

is known good start determines further success in any business, and the success of China depends on the initial actions importer.It may be noted three components of a successful start.

1. Choosing a trusted and reliable supplier.

Carefully choose Chinese suppliers, especially if you plan to work with them long term.The process of finding Chinese suppliers consists of several stages:

- find candidates that meet your basic requirements;

- to verify the legality of Chinese companies;

- on-site to conduct an audit of the Chinese company.

If the selection process goes well, then in the end you will have one candidate meets all the requirements.But definitely make sure it is suitable for you or not, you can only do after the first order.

2. The conclusion of a contract.

The contract is necessary to prescribe everything.It must be drafted in Chinese.Be sure to please make sure that at the contract signing that the necessary powers.

Note the specification of the products, it is usually included in the application, make sure that it fully meets your requirements for the products.At its formation longer communicate with a supplier in China, ask questions.

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3. Preparation of the sample corresponding to your requirements

According to the rules, before the implementation of the order you have to give a sample of the future product.In the factories in China, few engineers speak English, and sales managers rarely know the technical side of production.If you do not know Chinese, you have two solutions:

1) Refer to the professionals, and you will be given the representative of China, who is fluent in the Chinese language, and will oversee all your questions.

2) You can decide the issue.Take a picture of all the problem areas, then specifically arrows in a special program, specify them, in this case, any engineer, realize that you are not satisfied.

Finally, make sure that you are working directly with the plant manufacturer, and that your orders are carried out here.Otherwise, the quality of the order may be in jeopardy.