I do not know what to do?

Alignment Tarot of the situation carried out in various ways.It all depends on the complexity of the problems confronting man.If you need to clarify a simple question, it uses three cards.If you suspect that you are involved in a situation of power, of which nothing is known, then pull out the five cards.Then you open the hitherto unknown facts and circumstances.How can practically apply
Tarot cards?

Alignment of the situation "Five Card"

They predict with a full deck.Maps pulled and put in front of him in line.The alignment of the Tarot to the situation, in this embodiment includes the following items:

  • 1 - a past that influenced the creation of such a position.
  • 2 - present.Usually, this card tells about forthcoming events or your motif.
  • 3 - hidden influence.It is a fact that has been hidden from you, what you do not suspect, but that the impact on the situation.
  • 4 - advice.Map this position will talk about how to proceed in order to get what you want.
  • 5 - up.This symbol Gauvreau about what all will end.
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Perform this simple alignment of the Tarot to the situation and can a beginner.In the interpretation should take into account not only the value of the cards, but the number of inverted Arcana, their general mood, compatibility with each other.For example, if all the cards in general, promise you to achieve the goal, but if the third had the "Tower", you can not expect a favorable outcome of the situation.It will interfere with the powerful outside forces that turn everything upside down.Gad will not be harmed, but the situation no good.Pay special attention to the fourth card.It tells not only strategy, but also the right attitude to the situation in general.Perhaps your question is not so important, you worry over nothing.Or, going into a situation, you are missing something important.Pay attention to preodbladanie a particular suit.

Alignment Tarot situation "Three cards"

This divination is carried out in two cases: if the issue is too complicated or it is extended in time, that is, its solution is impossible in the near future.For the interpretation of the deck reaches three cards, "it was - is - is."Pay special attention to the number of the Major Arcana.The more, the more serious the subject matter (even if you thought he was quite empty).If all cards of the same suit - the main features of its influence on the situation most.For example, Pentacles means that the material side of the issue will come to the forefront, regardless of what you're asking.If dropped Bowls, it means feelings in a situation prevail over reason.If all three cards are turned over - do not expect a quick success, even if they are positive.It's not your time.The alignment of the Tarot to the situation in this special version of the board does not.That is, the card is responsible for the hint is not allocated specifically.She is the third card is the alignment.

Alignment Tarot "Today" or "Map of the day"

"Map of the day" - guessing called so.Beginners are advised not to get too carried away the number of cards and learn to interpret several.To determine the main events of the day, you can just pull out one card and on it to determine what will happen.Usually, this card tells about important events, mood, major changes or, on the contrary, it says that the day will pass quietly.Likewise, you can perform the simplest alignment of the Tarot to the situation.Just take out from the deck one card and it determines the development of interesting events.