Vampires: origin story, the legend

For mystical aura surrounding the name of the evil vampires are often true stories full of pain and suffering.The terrible crimes committed in the past, took the form of a legend or story told around the campfire.Who are the vampires?History tells us about different events related to them.Some events have remained unchanged, while others are forever lost its former appearance.And because so difficult to distinguish truth from fiction.

Vampires Ancient Egypt

Who are the vampires?History of Ancient Egypt tells of returning from the dead people whose death was so shameful that they were not able to get to the afterlife.One of them, dating back to the III.BC.e., tells the story of a young man named Azenet who fled the battlefield, leaving his post.Enemies caught and hacked his body to rot in the sand casting.After some time, began to be Azenet their relatives, demanding that his empty house.The victim of this spirit became the bride of the traitor, who herself came to him.This story archaeologists discovered on the walls of the tomb of a poor girl, on the skull which was missing the lower jaw.

Daughters Dark Moon

If direct gaze into the past history of the bloodthirsty can be traced from the most ancient Greece.In Greek, the word "vampire" sounds like "Empusa".The mention of these creatures can be found in the writings of some philosophers.For instance, Philostratus in his "Life of Apollonius of Tyana," describes the history that occurred with the Lycians menippea.

According to this narrative, during the journey the young man met a beautiful stranger who so captured his imagination that Menippus was ready to marry her.Every night, the pupil of the philosopher began to spend on the ruins, which, he claimed, are chambers of his beloved.Only the intervention of his teacher saved Lycians.Apollonius banished the ghost, and everything that has happened has described in his writings.
vampire story could happen in reality.

known that from V to ІІІV century Greece and Rome there was a cult of fans of Hecate.We have survived the investigation report with a reference to the bloody rites in which the priestess drank blood.Perhaps these stories have become part of the legends of vampirism.

Legends of Ancient Europe

European citizens sincerely believed in the existence of vampires.Often, this belief was based on the fear of the inhabitants of the medieval front of a variety of diseases that distorted body.Raging epidemic not only claimed thousands of lives, they filled the minds of the non-degradable fast facts remains, tetanus and external deformities.

Perhaps for this reason, modern scientists are so many graves with evidence of ritual burial convicted of vampirism.Thus, the excavations in the county of Dorset were found strange ritual burial, among them was the corpse of a woman's body rested on the remains of animals that follow the contours of her body.Cervical vertebrae were broken and his head separated from the body, feet resting on the animal limbs.According to the results of research, scientists have concluded that a woman was killed at a time when the residents leave the village.

Vampirism - causing plague

Who are the vampires?The story tells that in 2009 by Italian archeologists Matteo Borrini vampire was found buried near the town of Venice.In the historical period, which includes the remains, it's the plague.The terrible events of that time are reflected in many sources.On the basis of mass hysteria belief in otherworldly evil forces pushing people to desperate acts.An elderly woman was buried in a mass burial.She put a piece into his mouth brick that, according to popular belief, did not allow the vampire to attack the living.

One of the legends of the period tells of a wealthy lady who lived in the XVI century.Her name was Beatrice Dandolo, she led her married life in the family estate near Pisa.The woman was famous beauty, her husband did not spare funds for clothes and jewelry to show off to the neighbors.When the plague began to take life, the husband of Beatrice was one of the first victims.The woman, afraid of losing the beauty and health, locked herself in one of the wings of the castle.She gave orders to wall up the entrance.Her voluntary retreat has generated many legends that actually the woman contacted the dark magic and rituals conducted on the blood, wanting to save himself.

Subsequently history Beatrice Dandolo used to create the storyline of the film "The Brothers Grimm."By creating an outfit for the image of the Mirror Queen costume partly relied on the portraits of Beatrice.

vampire from Wurzburg

Who are the vampires?History of a legend 30 years of the XIX century, said that the territory of Bavaria is also unexplained phenomena associated with vampires.The city of Würzburg resided Dr. Heinrich Spatz.It was a well-respected honorable man.As a practicing physician, he released several works on medicine, who entered the world practice.But here are some facts of his biography suggest, his involvement in the old Nosferatu.

According to the data, the doctor had his medical practice and was responsible for a hospital for the poor.For a long time the couple Spatz not to attract attention.But after the doctor pulled a job and left the city, the police received alarming news about the missing people.Former assistant doctor said that could prove the involvement of a doctor missing Febera Joachim, a former janitor at the hospital.After a search of the former hospital was I found many bodies, one of them was a characteristic feature of which identified the missing Febera.Find doctors did not succeed.But, according to the protocols, one of the assistants to have survived it died under mysterious circumstances.

bloody mystery Bulgaria

Who are the vampires?Bulgarian history, their beliefs, too, no less interesting.According to popular legend, the vampire becomes a very evil man.And this superstition concerned exclusively men suspected of witchcraft.After the death of such a man pierced the heart of a steel rod or an aspen stake.

Who are the vampires?Provenance says that they really existed.This is evidenced by the excavations conducted by scientists near the church "St. Nicholas".The stone tomb discovered skeletons of two men whose chests were riddled with steel rods.Such strange graves were found in the past, but in this case was able to more fully restore the entire picture due to the well-preserved remains.

Myths about vampires Siberia

Who are the vampires?The history of these creatures is relevant to Siberia.In 1725, the peasant Peter Plogoevits died and was buried in his native village Kizilova.After a while, the villagers began to leave Peter's life.Local authorities are alarmed by the fact that they are all dying confession told, if the cause of their illness is a permanent visiting Siberian vampire.

Due to pressure from the population of the village was decided to open the grave of a peasant.What was surprising inspector arrived to follow the procedure of exhumation, when it turned out that the body of the deceased is almost not changed.These facts were presented in a report to the inspector.Villagers have taken steps, plunging a stake into the heart of Peter, and his body was on fire.

Curse of the Black Continent

history of vampires - is not only a product of European mythology.Africans also kept many of its epic counterparts.In their present folklore creature called "fifole."It is rejected by showers that wanders among the world's people by attacking the weak and babies.Many African tribes kept the tradition of how the witch cursed the man for his transgressions, forced to drink blood relatives.These superstitions they have taken with them to America as slaves.

Who are the vampires?The story of one of the said documentary mention of the created such a vampire, which refers to 1729.The incident occurred in the state of Virginia in the villa Uotstoka Gregory, a wealthy landowner.By order of the wife of one of his young servants severely flogged for damage to property.Because of the severity of the punishment the child died.His mother was reputed to be a powerful witch among the black slaves.Allegedly, she cast a curse on the whole family planter.

At that time, a common disease was consumption, which soon claimed the life of Mrs. Uotstok.After a while, mysteriously died of her eldest daughter.And the youngest son of the priest complained that before the death of his sister visited their defunct mother.After this statement, the relatives visited the cemetery and burned the bodies that were documented reverend father.

Who are the vampires?History of a very interesting and exciting.But in today's world, the image of the vampire is largely unchanged.He betrayed a touch of spice and gloss.But do not forget that behind all tinsel lies entirely unattractive content.